Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween in the country

I remember one of our guests asking me about Halloween.  He wanted to know how you trick or treat in the country.  I assured him that it was just drive from house to don't walk!

We break all the rules when it comes to Halloween. 

  • Carry a flashlight....we don't.

  • Don't go inside the houses....we not only go inside, but sometimes we sit down at their kitchen table.  They usually always take a photo of the children in their get ups.

  • Don't wear masks that can block the childs' vision.....hahahaha.  One year the two boys went as headless men and they had boxes on their heads.  They could hardly see a thing...and it was hilarious!

  • The parent must check all the candy before the children eat kids are nibbling at it the whole time they are trick or treating.  The homemade fudge is amazing!
Seriously, Halloween around here is 'visit with the neighbours' night.  The neighbours look forward to this night as much as the kids do.  The treats they hand out are unbelievable.  At one stop last night the children each received one those smaller sized trick or treat bags that you see in the dollar store.  It was full...of chips, chocolate and a drink.  She had said that the little loot bags just weren't big enough for all the treats she wanted to give the kids.

Another couple was going to be away for Halloween so they gave us a 3 1/2 lb. bag of candy last week.  I didn't know whether to thank them or just cry when they handed it to the kids.

The only down fall is the part about getting in and out of the van so many times.  I remember the tragic night as a child when my wings got caught in the car door. 

Driving with the 7 of us in the van is a little trying at the best of times.  But on Halloween night, it's just unbearable.  So, I drive for the first round of houses and then come home and Terry takes them for the second round.

I have so many wonderful Halloween memories with the kids and the neighbours.
But really....for the kids, it's all about the loot.

Cinderella with her head in the pillowcase full of loot!


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