Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Yesterday we said our final goodbyes to Danny.

Danny was a very good friend. 

He was the best man in our wedding....and Terry was also his best man when he wed Stephanie.

He was a proud farmer.

He was a hockey dad....and a hockey coach.

He was living his dream life.

Danny had a special wink and a grin.

He loved children.

I will never forget Halloween night a couple of years ago.  I had taken the kids for a couple hours around to some houses and then I came home and I got Terry to take them to the rest of the houses.  Trick or treating in the country takes the entire evening because it involves lots of visiting.  Anyways, when they all finally arrived home, they dumped out their treats all over the kitchen table and in amongst the candy were soda crackers.  I asked them 'Where did the soda crackers come from?'  Sophie just laughed and said "Danny!....He's so crazy!  He was giving out soda crackers!  But Stephanie had treats!"

That was Danny.  Always ready to tease or have some fun.

He will be greatly missed.

We all loved him so much.



  1. Wonderful story, wonderful man and he has left behind an amazing family. Very nice to read this.

  2. I only knew Danny as kids at St. Mike's. Was so sad to hear of his diagnosis and his recent death. Loved reading this post. I am sorry for your loss.

  3. Danny was a great guy! Had the privilege to do some work for them. My last job was on his birthday . He will be sadly missed. R.I.P. Dan


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