Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bird Bread

I'm on Pinterest.  It's a magical place where everything is so simple, so easy, so beautiful.  Sometimes it's all just a's not going to look like that in the picture at all.  It's not so cheap to make....sometimes it's just a big disappointment.

But not this recipe.  I found this recipe on Pinterest....and it's spectacular.

This bread is the most amazing loaf of bread I have ever made.

Here is the recipe.

It's an artisan bread.  There is no sugar or eggs....just water, yeast, salt and flour.  It's so simple it's beautiful.

Of course I had to change it up a wee bit.  I use 3 cups of white and 3 cups of whole wheat flour.  And after it has had time to rise for about 14 hours I don't roll it out in flour.  Instead of the flour I use poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, oat bran, and oatmeal.  I turn it into a 'bird bread'....that's what we call bread with seeds in it.

The kids all love it...except Grady....he doesn't like 'bird bread'.  He'd rather have the plain bread.

It's suppose to be baked in a special kind of roaster/pot with a lid but I don't have that kind of roaster/pot.  I use my Pampered Chef stone roaster with the lid and it works just fine.

I've made this bread several times and I've never had a bad loaf.  I'm making it again today.

mmmm...warm bread with butter.  SO YUMMY!

I'm roasting a meat bird today too.

Looking forward to supper....bird bread and a meat bird...mmmm.


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