Friday, 30 August 2013

An Anniversary Cake

I received an order for an anniversary cake.

It was to be a white slab.

I asked about colours and she just said 'Silver' was for a 25th wedding anniversary.....and there would be sunflowers.  But there didn't have to be sunflowers on the cake...just maybe some yellow.

And that was it.

The rest was up to me.

The day was hot and the kids wanted to swim.

So we went swimming.

Then we had supper.

I needed to get this cake was going to be delivered in the morning.

I needed to make pies and buttertarts for the was the next day.

I had a lot to do.

I couldn't find the icing tips that I needed and I wasted about a half an hour looking for them.

I prayed to St. Anthony.....and he came through for me.

I found the tips.

But I didn't really have a plan. 

This isn't like me. 

Usually when I decorate a cake I have a plan.

I made some 'silver' icing and just decided to have a party on the cake.  I thought....if these people have been married for 25 years, then they deserve a party.

I don't even know these people.

But I hope that they like to party.

Because I made them a party cake.

And then I added some yellow swirl roses.

And some little hearts.

Because they are in love.

I hope they like their cake.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cobden Fair

We headed over to the Cobden Fair on Sunday.  Johanna, Grady and Jack were showing in the 4-H Interclub Beef Show.  They had missed the sheep show on Saturday because of the parade.

They did well and they had a good day.  They even stayed for the open show in the afternoon.

Of course I ended up in the back of one of these cars again.

And I took about 30 rides on the merry go round.

Then I begged the girls for a break.

We went and watched some of the horse show.

They are so beautiful.  But they are so big and fast.....they freak me out a bit.

This mini class was up next.
Sophie really enjoyed this class.

She dreams of being in this class....and driving the mini and dressing up fancy. 

I can see her doing this someday.



Monday, 26 August 2013

The Irish Gathering Parade in Killaloe

Killaloe hosted a 10 day Irish Gathering and Saturday was a 'big day'.

It was parade day.

We like parades.

Terry gave me a list of names of places and asked me to paint them on boards.  I didn't even know where most of these places are....but it didn't matter.  I just did what he said.....he had a plan.  He's the one from Ruby....he's the one that knows where all these places are.

Castile?  Hopefield?

He made a sign out of all my painted boards.

Then we put the 'cottage' on the back of the wagon.  The same one that we used for the Douglas St. Patrick's Day Parade.

The Dwyer's arrived in Ruby in 1858....and we wanted everyone to be included.

So, we invited all the Dwyer's to come and join us on the float.

And they came.

I think that there might have been 50 of them.

The Dwyer's are known for their fiddling and step dancing.

And for their red hair.

So 'The 40 Shades of Red Heads' in a truck was a good idea too....

Dwyer's are fun.

The parade was a huge success.  I think they had about 40 floats and everyone had a lot of fun.  You can see more photos here.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Homestead of Martin and Catherine O'Grady

Killaloe is hosting an Irish Gathering this week.  There are lots of activities going on and we plan on taking part in lots of them!

Yesterday, we had a tour of Martin and Catherine O'Grady's Homestead on the O'Grady Settlement Road in Hagarty Township.  It was settled in 1859 and took us back in time.

As we drove up the lane way we were in a thick wooded bush and one of the kids said, "I thought we were going to a FARM!"  We told them that we were....and just pretend it was 160 years ago....only if it was, that double track for the tires wouldn't be in front of us!  We just couldn't imagine the work the settlers went through...clearing the land, building their houses and barns, keeping warm during the cold winters....and just surviving.


This homestead is the original.  They have changed very little.  It was empty when they purchased it and so they have tried to find furnishings that would make it look original.  They bought many of the things at auction sales or were lucky to have things given to them.


This open railing upstairs was so unique....I hadn't seen anything like it before.
I asked the kids if they noticed that there was no bathroom in the house.  Sophie was shocked and asked what they would do.  So I showed them....
A double seater!  Why not....they had 10 kids...and when you gotta gotta go!!
Johanna played a few fiddle tunes on the back verandah.

This was the cookhouse and they believe it would have been the original house.  When I told this to Sophie, she wanted to know where they would have slept.....they was no room in here!  I told her that they probably slept on the floor.  She said....of their cozy sleeping bags!

My mother-in-law was especially keen to be able tour this property.  Her maiden name is O'Grady.......and so there is a real connection there for her.  My children are actually related to the people that built this house and lived here.

Thank you to Shirley Mask and Tom Connolly for opening up this beautiful homestead for the day.  It was step back in time and I'm so glad we went for the visit.