Thursday, 14 February 2019

Snow, Cakes and Some Oldies

It's St. Valentine's Day!

You'll never guess what my valentine did for me the smorning!

He brought me in a hairdryer from the water bowl.

That's gotta be love.

Or maybe he just knew that I really had to wash my hair and I'd be needing it.

They cancelled the buses and closed all the schools yesterday.  It snowed.

A lot.

The last time they closed the schools was the ice storm of '98....I think.

The buses were cancelled the day before yesterday too.

There isn't much school going on.

They are back today.  The girls are in a broomball tournament and there's a bbq.  They were glad that they weren't going to miss that!

Yesterday morning the sheep were trying to get to their water bowl.

I dug a path through and met them half way. The path I dug was just the snow that we got overnight....the snow was all crusted underneath from all the snow and freezing rain that we got before.

I made this cake on the weekend.  It's a smash cake for a woodland theme party.

I made this cake the other day....

If you want to follow my baking and life adventures, I'm on Instagram as brenda.dwyer

Everyone was posting for Canadian Agriculture Day a couple of days ago, so I decided to get in on the fun and I looked through some of my favourite oldies....

And then I cried because they are all grown up.  And the boys don't carpet farm anymore.


Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Snowdays, Shrimp and Spaghetti Soup

The girls had 2 snowdays this week and Friday was a PD they have been at home the last 5 days!

It reminds me of my homeschooling days with the older kids...only there isn't any schoolwork being done! 

Snowdays should be called 'eat all the food in the house days'.

It hasn't been's been freezing rain.  Our yard and the road are 'just like a bottle'.

Also the high school kids should have finished exams last week and started the new semester this week but they are writing their last exam tomorrow and the new semester will start on Thursday.

What a mix up.

Sophie had an eye appointment on Friday.  Lydia didn't want to come into town....she wanted to hang out with her big sister who had just come home for the weekend.  But she needed some treats from town.  So she made me a list and gave me some cash.

1.  Gum.

2.  Pringles chips.  Salt + Vinegar.

3.  A shrimp ring.

Really?  A shrimp ring?  Did you know that you can get a mini shrimp ring at Walmart for $5?

I got it for it was on the list!

Then on Monday snowday her and Sophie cleaned out the horse stable....

and when they came in Lydia decided to eat her shrimp ring.  She didn't want to share it....but she did give a piece each to Jack and she had bought it with her own money.  A shrimp ring all to herself....she was quite pleased.

The girls are in a cooking 4-H club and they had their first meeting last week.  They made spaghetti and garlic bread and fruit salad.  They are suppose to make this supper for their family before the next meeting.

Lydia was anxious to get it done so she cooked for us last Thursday night.  She chopped up all the vegetables for the spaghetti sauce and sauteed them and then she was adding the jars of sauce.  I told her that a little trick is to put some water in the jar and swirl it around and it will clean out the jar...and then just dump it into the sauce.

I was thinking about 2 tablespoons of water.

I wasn't watching her.....I was washing lettuce for a salad.

She filled the jar full of water and dumped it into the sauce pot.

Oh man.  It was just like soup.

She had supper ready at 5pm sharp.  Grady wasn't home yet but she said that we had to eat as it was getting cold.

She served us our plates and we went ahead and started eating.  We told her it was delicious....and it was...but it was a little runny.  Sophie mentioned how the runnyness was getting into her salad.....but it was still delicious.

Then Grady arrived home....went to the stove and Lydia was telling him that she made all the supper tonight.  He said....what did you make?...Soup and spaghetti?

We all had a good laugh.  Lydia can't wait to make it for us again....without all the water!


Sunday, 3 February 2019

One Second for January and Hairdryers.

This was our January one second everyday....

The hairdryer situation is nuts.  I just bought one and I need another one.....actually I need a few because they are never in the house.

I mentioned the other day in this post that my hairdryer blew out in the water bowl and I was using a hairdryer that actually had dried cow shit on the cord.

Well the other morning I washed my hair and when I went to open the guessed hairdryer.

By the time he brought me in one my hair was dry.  And the one he brought me actually didn't have a shitty cord.....yasss!

And then the power went out unexpectedly and he talked about water bowls.  At first the report was that the power could be out for 3 hours....that wouldn't be good on the water bowls.  But then the power came back on in an hour so it wasn't so bad.

That evening I was heading out to walk the halls of the high school with a neighbour of mine.  My hair was ridiculously flat as it hadn't been dried with the hairdryer but I voloomed it and then it was good to go.  I told her my hairdryer problem and she completely understood.

Her mother had once bought her an expensive hairdryer as a gift because she has really curly hair and her husband blew it out in a water bowl.  He had no idea that it was worth $80.

He blows out all of her hairdryers too.  She goes to Value Village and buys all the hairdryers that they have.  He's got a hairdryer in his truck, one in every tractor, in the barn, in the house....

I need to go to Value Village.

So when we got to the school to walk the halls, one of my friends mentioned that she liked my hair.

She is married to another beef farmer.

I told her my morning....I had washed my hair and no hairdryer to be found.  The one I wanted was blown out in the water bowl and the replacement was not there.

She responded with.....'oh gawd yes.  and when that power went out all he could talk about was water bowls'.

She is right there with me.  She knows what I'm talking about.  We are living the same life!

And another friend who was walking with us.....not familiar with farming....asks What is a WATER BOWL??

We filled her in.  I think she thinks we're all nuts.

Johanna was home this weekend and 10 minutes before were going to leave for Mass this morning she opened that hairdryer!  Luckily she could braid her hair and was good to go....

and luckily I didn't wash my hair!