Monday, 12 November 2012

Lydia's Plaid Shirt

The last time we had a family photo taken was two years ago.  I thought it was time to do it again.  So, I decided on the location and then I had to consider all of our clothing.  The last time I dressed everyone in green and black.  I liked it.  I figured that this time we would go with plaid shirts.  We are farmers after all and there is lots of plaid in the stores right now.

The only one I had trouble with was Lydia.  I picked out a blue and white checked shirt and she said that she didn't like it.  I bought it anyway and I hid it in my room.

So we were all getting ready for the photo shoot.  My sister-in-law, Aimy, agreed to do it again.  She did it the last time and the pics were great.  We were to meet her at 3:00pm at the barn.  It was about 2:30pm when Lydia saw the shirt and started screaming "I'm not wearing THAT!  I don't ike that shirt.  I want to wear my wuffle dress."  I told her she could wear the dress but she would have to put the shirt on a jacket.  She said "NO."

Johanna tried to convince her.  Then Grady. We promised her chocolate bars or suckers. Then Terry showed her the picture of the last family photo and explained to her that we were all trying to dress the same.  She refused to listen to anyone and she put on a pink sweater over the dress.

Then Sophie went upstairs and had a talk with her.  The two of them came down the stairs in tears.  Sophie is a perfectionist and she figured the family picture was ruined.....and we hadn't even tried to take any photos yet!

By this time it was 2:50pm.

Then I thought of the flowers that I have in the cupboard.  The ones that you can pin on a shirt or clip in your hair.  I showed a couple to Lydia and asked her which one she wanted to wear.  She is big on accessories.  She picked the pink one and I pinned it to the plaid shirt.  I told her that she had to wear it on this jacket.  She said "NO."  I pleaded with her.   I said that she would never have to wear the shirt again after the pictures were taken.  I told her that we would get rid of it.  Then she suggested that we give it to her cousin, Carmendy.  That was perfect.  She put on the shirt and we went to the barn.

We had the photo shoot and then Lydia took off the shirt and handed it to Carmendy.

And then we went to the store and bought chocolate bars and suckers.


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