Friday, 2 November 2012


Johanna, Grady and Jack have been taking turns ploughing a pasture field.  Johanna and Grady joined the 4-H Plough Club this past summer and they were taught all the proper techniques of ploughing.  Jack wasn't old enough to join the club.  But Grady has been sitting by his side teaching him.  They all enjoy driving the tractor and it's great that this is another chore that they can get done.  It means that Terry has more time to do other sleep.  I remember him ploughing the field until midnight.....

Actually if Terry really had his way he would use a horse and plough it.  But he just doesn't have time.

I love walking out into a ploughed field.  It looks like waves on an ocean.

That's my Grandma's house in the background....she LOVED to farm and so do I.

I love the rows and rows of rich dirt.  The kids try so hard to get them perfectly straight....but does it really matter?  I don't think so.  But that's probably why I'm not doing the ploughing.

There were some wild turkeys in the field.  They didn't like me....they ran away.

Sort of a blurring shot....they ran REALLY fast!


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