Thursday, 14 February 2019

Snow, Cakes and Some Oldies

It's St. Valentine's Day!

You'll never guess what my valentine did for me the smorning!

He brought me in a hairdryer from the water bowl.

That's gotta be love.

Or maybe he just knew that I really had to wash my hair and I'd be needing it.

They cancelled the buses and closed all the schools yesterday.  It snowed.

A lot.

The last time they closed the schools was the ice storm of '98....I think.

The buses were cancelled the day before yesterday too.

There isn't much school going on.

They are back today.  The girls are in a broomball tournament and there's a bbq.  They were glad that they weren't going to miss that!

Yesterday morning the sheep were trying to get to their water bowl.

I dug a path through and met them half way. The path I dug was just the snow that we got overnight....the snow was all crusted underneath from all the snow and freezing rain that we got before.

I made this cake on the weekend.  It's a smash cake for a woodland theme party.

I made this cake the other day....

If you want to follow my baking and life adventures, I'm on Instagram as brenda.dwyer

Everyone was posting for Canadian Agriculture Day a couple of days ago, so I decided to get in on the fun and I looked through some of my favourite oldies....

And then I cried because they are all grown up.  And the boys don't carpet farm anymore.


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