Thursday, 14 September 2017

Renfrew Fair Sheep Show

The Renfrew Fair happened on the weekend and we were there!

First up was the sheep show...

Lydia entered the peewee class...

Lovely children showing sheep....

Calm, beautiful sheep...

It can get a little monotonous....

Until this happened...

I need to get a closer look at this....

The look on Johanna's face....the look on Jack's face.....this is priceless.

That is the look of determination.  Her lamb decided to do some dancing and she wasn't going to allow any of that.  Johanna is the boss in that ring.  There is no way she would let go and then run around trying to catch that lamb.

I'm not sure what's going on here....

But the lamb finally settled down.

She was placed 2nd in the senior division for showmanship.

There is always a tie up display with the 4-H Sheep Show.  We've had fun other years with 'Sheep Dynasty' and 'Ewe are Beautiful' themes.  This year the kids had suggested "A Rainy Day" theme when they started thinking of ideas back in the spring....and then it turned out that it rained all summer!  

And sure enough the sun went in and it poured!  And they had to move the show inside....

Oh yes...and I made cupcakes....sheep cupcakes!  One of the members from the other club was celebrating her birthday!


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

R2D2, Lilypads, Buskerfest and the Farmhouse story is online!

It was back to school yesterday!  Hard to believe that there were only 3 getting on the bus here....

Johanna moved out on the weekend.  She is starting her 2nd year of nursing.  The move out was way more emotional than I was expecting.  It dawned on me that she grew up....and I still remember the day we brought her home from the hospital like it was yesterday.  Lots of tears!

Grady is working full time at a dairy barn....not far away.  He has early mornings and some late nights.  Last week was gruelling as they just put robotic milkers in the barn and they were moving the cattle over to try them out for the first time.  Anytime I mention this to people they just look at me like...WHAT?  Of course I can see them picturing R2D2 buzzing around the barn with a milking stool and pail....milking all the cows! person even asked me if that's the way it works.  That would be so much more entertaining than the reality of robotic milkers.

Here is a very good video by Andrew Campbell the Fresh Air here.  It shows and explains all about robotic milkers.  I showed the girls and then they said....but where are the robots??  They were hoping for R2D2....we all were!

I decorated this cake the other night....

It was a joke for a girl that really is not fond of frogs. 

When I finished was getting late....and I was tired....and then I realized that lilypads are actually GREEN and not white.  DUH.

Terry was asleep on the couch and I woke him up to say....Did you lock the hens in over at the farmhouse?  He came alive said....ah frig.  no.

And then I said "Lilypads are green....not white....right?"

He looked at me stunned.  WHY?  Why does it matter if they are green....or white?

She's lost her mind.

I showed him the cake.

Feeling sorry for me he said that they could probably be white.

I googled it.....they are green....always.

cake decorating fail.

The girls are planning a Busker Fest.  On our road.  next summer.  They are going to shut down our dirt road and have a Buskerfest.

They have been planning and making posters. 

They don't even know what day of the week July 20th is next summer....and the official start time keeps changing. But it doesn't matter.

They love hula hoops and they do all these tricks with them.  A couple of weeks ago I took them into town just to buy hula hoops and it was our lucky day....they were all on clearance!  They bought several...all different sizes....spending their own money!  And they were the good ones with the water in them.  

I overheard them one day during their planning....Sophie told Lydia that they couldn't do that because one of them would get hurt.  And then Lydia said....We'll get someone from the audience to do it then!

I'm NOT volunteering.....

Remember we were featured in Edible Ottawa magazine for their July/August issue?  They have just put the article online and I can share it with you now!  It's here.  Happy reading!