Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Shaun Update....again.

Shaun is getting SO BIG!

He follows us around outside and if no one happens to be outside, he stands at the door and BAAAAS.

He tries to get in the truck with us....and I have to be very careful when I'm backing up and driving away!

Here is Sophie feeding him....right outside the door....

Maybe a video would be more fun....


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dad's 70th

We celebrated my Dad's 70th Birthday on the weekend.

I made him this cake. 

It was buttercream icing with a rolled fondant buck.

I tried to do the sides in camo.  I just did blobs of different shades of green and then took the hot knife and spread it smooth.

The party was fun.  My sister-in-law, Aimy, has an amazing camera and she got some good shots.

This is my wittle bruther.  He's so cool.  I'm not as cool as him. 

Everyone wanted to get a pic with him.

Of course there was music and dancing.

And tonnes of food....and cake.

Grandpa with all his grandkids. 

This little guy is so cute...what a little ham!


Monday, 27 April 2015

Rosie's Twins

So. many. lambs.

We now have 24.  It's really quite all started with Rosie.

Sweet. sweet.  Rosie.

She was the one that made Jack and I fall in love with sheep.

And now I get up in the middle of the night and bottle feed my pajamas.  And check on sheep.  And pull lambs....and wipe off their noses so they can catch their first breath.

It's amazing.

And it's all because of Rosie.

She had a set of twins last week.

A black one.

And this one with all these patches.  It's so cute...and it has a real little personality.

Rosie is such a good mom.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cakes!....a Hockey Jersey, First Communion and Baptism

I had four cakes to make over the weekend! 

So much much cake!

So much fun!

I was asked to make a hockey jersey cake.  This was new to me...I had never even seen one before...but there are many different ones 'out there'.  I went with this design....

It was for a big hockey fan named Cash who was turning 2.

The request was for a buttercream base with the white accents of rolled fondant.  The smoothing out of the buttercream took a very long time!

Next up....a First Communion cake for my cousin's sweet girl named Ava Rose.  Her favourite colours are lime green, sky blue and yellow.  I LOVED this colour combination.

Since I had the rolled fondant out, I coloured some of it yellow and used it for the ciborium/chalice.  I used buttercream to make the designs over it.

Then I had two Baptism cakes to make.

I had a ridiculous amount of red icing leftover from the hockey jersey cake so I added some blue and it turned a dark purple/burgundy.  I had a hard time getting the rolled fondant to match....but it was close enough.  I trimmed the cake in hearts along the side.

I did the same cross on the next cake....only in blue this time.

Graph paper and rolled fondant became my new best friends this weekend!


Monday, 20 April 2015

Shaun the Sheep

Remember the triplets?

Remember the chaos?....he ran all through the house in the middle of the night looking for a feeding.

He's grown.

And he's doing well.

And his name is Shaun.

He is usually the first person I have a conversation with in the morning.  Only he's not a person.  I see him before I eat my breakfast.....unless I've convinced someone else to go out and feed him.

Nothing unusual about me making up a bottle and then saying "Will you go out and feed Shaun?"

Jack is good to look after him during the day but it's usually me carrying the bottle to the barn first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed at night.

Shaun knows me.  and my voice.

So yesterday when I took the camera out to get a picture of him....he was a little confused.  He was resting when I went in but as soon as he heard my voice he jumped up.  And then looked at me like....what do you want mom?  it's not feeding time.  Of course all the other lambs didn't even bother with me....she's just that crazy woman that's attached to ShaunShe's all crazy over Shaun.  She spoils Shaun.  She only loves Shaun.


Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Weekend

We enjoyed an extra long Easter weekend......the school busses were all cancelled on Thursday!  There was a wee bit of freezing rain in the morning.

Our lambs were very excited about this.....

The annual dying of the eggs was extra easy this year.  I didn't have to blow out all the eggs.

Or boil the eggs. 

Or worry about the eggs cracking. 

There is a genius somewhere out there that invented faux eggs...that dye perfectly....and cost less than the price of a dozen real eggs.  There were no headaches from blowing out 2 dozen screaming that the egg was cracked and ruined.

Really not much excitement at all....just a whole lot of oooooos and awwwws....those eggs are pretty.

I actually told the girls that this would probably be the last time that they would need to do this....because we could just save these eggs and put them away with the Easter decorations and just bring them out again next year. 



This finally happened.

It was steamy.

And sweet. so. so. sweet.

I made this cake.

It has a celtic knot on it....for strength and protection.

The Easter Bunny came!  There was an explosion of eggs all over the house.

We celebrated.  and ate.  and visited with lots of family.

Alleluia!  Hope you had a blessed Easter!