Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cleo's Pups

We have a dog.  Her name is Cleo and she is 13 years old.  She's tired and she likes to sleep.  She comes in the house and lies on the mat at the door.  This part of the house has a heated floor and the sun comes in the window of the door.  She lies amongst the shoes and coats on the floor. She makes it look heavenly.  Some days I think I should take a break and just lie there with her.

I was quite surprised when I went out to the back room and I saw that she had had pups.

Without any pain.  Without any noise. Completely asleep.  She gave birth.

It was a miracle.  Sophie was there.  She explained it all to me.

I said 'Congratulations Cleo'.  And she awoke and looked at me and said 'uuh?'  And then she smiled.

Sophie told me that this dog is the father.  That makes sense.

Sophie is a smart girl.  And A LOT of fun.


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