Monday, 15 January 2018

Slime and Stuff.

So we had a 3 day weekend and this morning at 7:15am Sophie pulls out her homework.  She asked me if I could just read really wasn't homework.  Only it was homework.  And I had to read it now because she had to get to the bus.  Only I was making lunches and telling people to eat something.  And Lydia came downstairs with her French braids all ripped out that I had put in her hair last night and Terry told her that it looked like she had just stuck her finger in a socket.  It actually sort of did.

And they went to school.

I got my half and half slab cake decorated on Friday.

And we made slime.

I don't know what it is with the slime but everyone can't keep their fingers out of it...except Terry and I.  We just don't understand slime.  I guess we are too old.

I tried making swiss meringue buttercream icing yesterday.  What a total flop.  It said in the recipe that it might curdle and if it does to just keep whipping and it will fix itself.  Mine curdled and I kept whipping until I was tired of whipping and it still looked really gross.  But it tasted good so I just covered the cake in it.

It looked like cottage cheese on the cake.  Before Jack took a bite he said IS THERE CHEESE IN THIS?  He doesn't eat cheese...only on pizza....that's the only exception.  He really hates cheese.  He can even detect if you have used a knife for cheese.  That knife cannot be used for something else that would touch something that he would eat.  Never.

He ate the cake and the icing.  He even had a big piece for breakfast this morning.

We are back to cold weather.  We lost all of the snow on Friday and then it snowed enough to just cover the ground....but there is grass poking would be called a skift of snow.

It was quite windy on the weekend....too cold to go out for a walk.


Friday, 12 January 2018





Only all the snow melted last night and it looks horrible out there and it's pouring rain and it was +10C this morning.  We are suppose to get freezing rain and a flash freeze this afternoon.

And it's only going to be -17C tomorrow.

And I'm talking about the weather again.  because that's all we ever talk about.

Everyone was pleased this morning with the snowday.  But then it started to pour rain.  Pour.  Grady and Jack just came in from outside and they were soaked.  They were trying to figure out which one of them was going to stand and open and close the gate and who was going to the tractor.  I suggested that they wait until it stopped raining.  But Jack said that it was never going to stop.  And they went back outside.

Sophie won a pretty amazing award back in November.

It was like the Stanley Cup for 4-H!

She received the Most Deserving First Year Member Award.  She had to do some paperwork when we found out that she was nominated and she had to go for an interview.  I really didn't know if she would win as there were so many other good kids nominated.

Jack had been nominated for this award when he completed his first year and he didn't win.

The award has been around since the early '70s and Terry was nominated for it as well....and he didn't win.  He had a good time studying all the names on it when she brought it home that night....especially at the name of the guy that had won it instead of him!

We are proudly displaying it on the piano for the year.  I need to get some silvo and clean it as it's really tarnished....hopefully I don't ruin it.

And I forgot to take a chicken out of the freezer last night for supper tonight.


Thursday, 11 January 2018


It's Thursday.  and Thursday just turned out to be a Thursday.

No snowday.

All we ever talk about is the weather.  I guess because it's always changing.

It was North Pole cold last week and now this week it's so warm that the girls were asking if they could wear slush pants to school.  Slush pants?  No.  Just go to school and stand up at recess and don't roll in the snow.  That's what I told them.

I told them that it would be raining and they wouldn't be sent out for recess....but the sun is coming out now!

There was a prediction on some weather page on Facebook on Monday that we would get between 90-130cm of snow this Saturday.  WOW.  The weather apps we follow showed up to 20 cm and now this morning it's all been cancelled and there is no snow on Saturday.

The Douglas outdoor rink officially opened on Monday night and all the kids were told to bring skates to school on Tuesday.  But then on Tuesday it was too warm and they weren't allowed to skate.

I was making a cake this morning and it was to be a half and half slab cake.  So I was making the white cake and then the chocolate. 

As I was making the chocolate cake I was following the recipe for 1 1/2 cake batter when I measured out the dry ingredients but then I switched and started following my recipe for 2 1/2 cake batter as I measured in the wet ingredients.  It was a mess.  A big liquidy mess.

My recipe for chocolate cake has the recipes for 1 1/2 batter, double batter and 2 1/2 batter all written on the side of the original recipe.

I also threw an egg on the floor.

And dropped the cap off of the vanilla extract in the batter.

And covered everything in cocoa...including my slippers.

And then Terry came in and asked me what was wrong.

So I ended up making the half and half slab....and a ridiculous amount of chocolate cakes and cupcakes.....which we really don't need in this house right now because we just ate too much over the Christmas holidays....and we all sat around in the house because it was North Pole cold outside.

I went to town yesterday and tried something on in a change room.  Oh my.  I need to eat more of those salads.


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I think Thursday is going to be a Thursday.

When I tuck the girls in at night I get into Lydia's bed with her and we say prayers and have a talk and say good night.

So last night as I'm getting into her bed she says to me....

I think Thursday is going to be a Thursday.

I was confused.  I looked at her and said....

Ya.  For sure.  And I'm hoping tomorrow will be a Wednesday.

And then we looked at each other and started to laugh.  And we LAUGHED so hard that we started to make funny noises....and then we started to laugh at the noises.  We were in complete stitches.

Meanwhile Sophie is up in the top bunk saying...

What's so funny?  What happened?

But Lydia and I couldn't speak.  We could only laugh.

Finally Lydia says....

I meant to say I think Thursday will be a SNOWDAY.

And I said...

Ya. Good luck with that.

She had a very good Christmas and she really isn't enjoying being back to school!

I've been eating bagged salads for a couple of months now.  They are so good.  There are all different kinds of mixes of them....sunflower, southwest spicy....  I usually find a couple of bags marked at 50% off because they are soon going to expire but there is nothing wrong with them.

There is a lot of cabbage in them.  I've eaten more cabbage in the last couple of months than I ever thought was possible.  I mentioned this to Terry before Christmas.  I said that the cabbage farmers must be really happy with all these new salads and the amount of cabbage I'm eating.  He said yes for sure and that they would probably send me a Christmas gift.

But they didn't.  It doesn't matter.  I'm still buying the salads.

This is one of my favourite photos...

I look at it and I remember that night.  It was an evening in May 2013.

Terry raced home from his construction job in Ottawa that evening because the rain was coming and we had to get the crop in.

That's Jack and Lydia filling the seed drill.  All hands were on deck that night.  It was so dusty and the ground was perfect for planting....and the rain was coming!  Terry was in a tractor and Johanna was on another tractor....Grady might have been in a tractor too.

Lydia was 3 years old....using a coffee cup that she had found in the truck to help fill the seed drill.

We were all completely covered in dust.

I love how we all worked together....we still do.


Monday, 8 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I just got the rest of Christmas packed up this morning....and it makes me a little sad.  I don't want Christmas to end.

We celebrated for 3 weeks....with food and house parties and food and movies and books and games and food and music and snapchat filters.

It was horribly cold.  like North Pole cold.  like -43.

I'd go out to the henhouse and praise the girl that had decided to sit on the eggs.  The eggs on the floor would be frozen.

I'd fill the sheep trough with water and shout at them all to come quick and drink....before it froze!  Of course they would just look at me like I was crazy...they seem to like to eat snow!

I got in the shower without checking first to see if there was a hair dryer in the house.  Big mistake.  All the hairdryers were in water bowls....but Terry went out and got me one.  REVLON has no idea how much they contribute to the farming industry.

And now that they are back in school today, it's snowing and beautiful outside!


Friday, 24 November 2017

7 Days of Black and White

A friend of mine challenged me on Facebook to the 7 days of black and white people, no explanations!

Other people go thru all their most amazing photos that they have ever taken and post them but I decided to just randomly take a photo on that day....with my phone....and make it black and white.

I'm allowed to provide explanations with the photos on this blog because I said.  I didn't on Facebook and that was a challenge.  I also posted these on Instagram and I put hashtags with them which was sort of cheating because it sort of explained.  Oh well.  I didn't get in trouble or get reported.  Because one cared....and it didn't matter.

Let's get this started....

Photo #1

I drew these buck heads...along with a bunch of different make tracings for royal icing transfers for a cookie class that I was going to start teaching.  I thought the students could make all these tracings with royal icing and then we would flood cookies and place the transfer on top.  It all backfired when I realized that the tracings wouldn't be dried in two hours....they take a long time to dry....and my students would probably have to stay the night.  So I scrapped that idea and went with something else.  And I made some chocolate buck heads for a birthday cake for a guy that is visiting Canada and it's his birthday.  I put maple leafs on the cake too.  And decorated it like it was a birch tree.

Photo #2

These are some of my girls.  My friends.  My hens.  They give me eggs.

Photo #3

Pies!  Double crust lemon and pumpkin.  I made some for the bake sale at the church.

Photo #4

Cows.  In the field.  I was on my way home from volunteering at the school and I remembered that I had to take a photo for the day.  So I stopped and went to take a photo of the cows and then I saw this old pepsi bottle stuck upside down on the post.  I was like....what?  How did that get there?  I just took the photo and posted it.

Photo #5

Making soup this day.  I had roasted a meatbird the night before.  It was creamy noodle chicken carrot potato butternut squash soup....basically empty the fridge of all leftovers soup.

Photo #6

We were digging the last of the potatoes on this day.  Pails and then bags of them.....all put away for the winter.

Photo #7

Grandma's piano.  I bought this piano when we were first married.  It was offered to me from a friend who no longer wanted it....she told me that she had bought it from my Grandma years ago.  I jumped at the chance to have Grandma's piano.  It sat in our house and the kids occasionally banged on it but I was too busy to play....or even have it tuned!  We moved to another house last December and the piano remained in the old house....and I kept hinting about bringing it over....but everyone was just too busy.  Then the boys started asking about having a Christmas party....we had one a couple of years ago....a house full of friends and music.  I told them that there would be no Christmas party without a piano.  I went away one Saturday and came home to magically find the piano sitting in our house....and the next day a date was set for the Christmas party!  I've had a local piano tuner in to get it up to speed.  He told me it's a 1919....and in excellent shape....YAASSSS!  So then I got thinking...was it Grandma's piano or Great Grandma's piano?  I asked my aunt and a matter of fact it's my Great Grandmother's.  It was in the house when my Grandma moved in....after marrying my Grandfather.  I remember Grandma saying....I can't believe you have that old thing in here....when I first bought it.  And now I realize....she wasn't attached to it!  It was her mother-in-law's piano.  My Grandma probably never played the piano....she played the steel guitar and sang on the radio.  She was even a singer in a band called 'The Happy Homesteaders' in Ottawa before she was married.  I just recently learned this at her wake last month!

Also....the boys were unsure whether I would really allow a Christmas house party.  They said that a friend of theirs had an episode where their mother....Irene....told them that if they got the old oil tank out of the basement that she would make them six pies.  They quickly got that oil tank out....the very same day and the pies never happened.  Terry asked me if I was going to pull an Irene?  I just said....wait and see....but get that piano over here!  And they did.


Monday, 20 November 2017

The Chocolate Smash Cake, Ricebags and Baked Meringues.

We celebrated my birthday last week.  I had been wanting to make a chocolate piƱata smash cake for a few months now and I thought....yes!'s my birthday....I'll make myself one!

It's a dome of chocolate covered in chocolate and filled with candy and chocolate.  There is actually no 'cake' involved...which is sort of a nice change when you live in a house of cake!

When I was making it I wasn't thinking and I put it on a glass platter.  It's supposed to be smashed......with force!  I was so afraid of breaking the glass platter that it completely ruined the effect of it all.

But it was so yummy it didn't matter anyway!

And the next one I make will NOT be on a glass platter!

The girls have been crafting.  They go on Pinterest and make all this stuff....they can even use the hot glue gun without my help!  They made these snowmen out of socks filled with rice on Saturday...but they soon became just beanbag things to throw around the house.

Then on Sunday morning, one of them is sitting on a chair....arms outstretched like a basketball hoop....and the other one is on the other side of the room throwing this ricebag trying to get it through the 'hoop'.  I stopped and watched....really girls?  Who came up with that game?  Did Jack teach you to do that?....I knew it would be Jack....You are going to hit each other in the face!

Lydia responded with....Ya, Jack showed us...and I don't care if I get hit in the's FUN.


I tried my first attempt at making baked meringues on the weekend.  It was easier than I thought....and I made a way more than I needed.

I put them on a drip cake....chocolate ganache inside and out!...with chocolate cake too.

I had some ganache leftover and I put it in a container in the fridge and I actually forgot about it....until I saw Jack take it out and just take a big scoop of it with a spoon....and walk about 9am.

It snowed on the weekend.  Lots.  The girls were quite excited about it Sunday morning.  They were out before Mass playing in the snow....they got soaked.  Then Lydia complained that it felt like she had peed her pants on the way to church because she was all wet.

It's just all the usual random stuff here.  I would try to post more but our internet is extremely slow. Do you miss me?