Friday, 25 November 2016

600 Cookies, Birthday Cakes and A Pine Floor

You know when you are packaging 600 cookies for a 4-H banquet and the kids in your house keep coming into the kitchen just to check things out.

Are any of those for us?

Are there any extras for us?

Can I have one?

Can I just have one?

How many do you need?

Are there any extras?

Heaven help me.  I caved and let Grady eat 2....I was pretty sure that there must be some extras in all the madness.

It took me hours to package them all....and by that time the kids were in bed!

And there were 10 extras!  But I couldn't scream and shout for them to come and eat them because they were sound asleep.  So I left them on the table...thinking maybe they would put them on their lunches.

But no....they all sat around at the table eating cookies for breakfast.  Even dipping them in milk.

As happy as could be...they got some cookies!

It's Friday!  Another week has disappeared!

I made a couple of cakes last's all a distant memory now....but anyways....

This one was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache in the center and chocolate buttercream....

I had some fun with this one!  They only requested the colours and then whatever you want!  YES...LOVE those requests!  This is what I would want!!...

And this one was a lemon cake with lemon filling on the bottom and white cake on the top....all covered in buttercream...

They requested this exact cake with these exact colours.

It was sort of neat how both requested the same colours and both cakes were for teen girls.

Lots of stuff going on with the house and the move!  I sanded the last floor that needed to be sanded last weekend.

I didn't take before photos because it was just too ugly.  Kidding.  I forgot.

My new beautiful pine floor!

Must keep on rolling...


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