Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy or Creepy?

Sophie and Lydia were sitting by the pool at my Mom's one day in August when they started to talk about Halloween. They decided right then and there that they wanted to be clowns this year.  I thought that that was a great idea as we had all been clowns six years ago and we still had the wigs.

As October rolled around there was lots of news about creepy clowns and the girls came home from school one day upset because they were told that they weren't allowed to be clowns this year.

Terry was disgusted and said that that was like giving in to the terrorists! He said....it's HALLOWEEN! They can be whatever they want to be.  Let them be clowns!

Ya. I guess.

So I didn't have a clown suit for Lydia and there was none to be found in Walmart or the grocery store....not even a clown wig to be found because I think it had all been banned!  I found a suit in the perfect size at a smaller store downtown and when I went to buy it the guy working there sorta looked at me funny and said...you're putting your kid in a clown suit?

I said...ya. I'm from Douglas.

He said....oh. You should be fine then.

Of course we'd be fine! Douglas is known for being 'Home of the LEPRECHAUNS' and the Mennonites. Who's going to notice a couple of happy clowns?

And that's what we were aiming for.....HAPPY clowns not creepy clowns.

But honestly....after Johanna did our make-up we were sorta more on the creepy side!

And some of the neighbours didn't know who we were!

But oh my goodness we had fun!


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