Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Back in August, there were a whole bunch of calves born within a couple of weeks.  They were all out on pasture and we were always checking on them to make sure that they were doing well.  But we really didn't know which calf belonged to which mom because they had all arrived so quickly.

Then one hot day when the boys were out checking calves they noticed one off lying by itself...and it was hungry.  But there was no mom balling for it or missing it or paying any attention to it.  I made up a bottle for it and it took to it right away.  We had caught it in time....before it was completely dehydrated and we could have possibly lost it. 

We left it in the field to walk with the mom's and play with the other calves.  We sort of hoped that maybe it would attach itself to a mom....that maybe one of the cows would take it and let it suck.  But that never happened and one of us would walk out to the field every morning and evening with a bottle to find it and feed it.

We figured out that it was from one of the sets of twins that had been born and it's mother had just decided to only look after one.

The girls named him Dewey.  I asked if it was after the dewey decimal system in the library...but they had no clue what I was talking about.  I remember fifth grade....we had 'library' class and we had to try and memorize the dewey decimal system so we could find books in the library.  We were even quizzed on it....I think I didn't do so well.  I had no interest.

They named him Dewey after the name of my eye doctor.  I have not a clue why.  I don't think they have ever even met him!  They just seem to really get a kick out of the name!

Anyways, everyone was away one Friday evening in September and I was left home alone....to feed Dewey.  I went out to the field and found him and then I took selfies with him.  I have no idea why.  I'm really not much for selfies.  But I convinced him that we needed one together.

We eventually brought him into the barn because there were some mornings that the cattle were all away back at the bush and I had a very long walk and search for Dewey...with the bottle in hand.

He's been hanging out with some sheep and we are only feeding him one bottle now....in the evening.

I decided this afternoon to go out and see if I could get another selfie with Dewey....he's grown so much!  But when he saw me he just did this....

 He was hoping I had a bottle for him!

He is too big and strong...and I couldn't convince him.


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