Monday, 21 November 2016

Hello Winter

It snowed.

A lot.

I don't know how much but we were in the 30-50cm zone on the map.  It wasn't a regular November snowstorm where the snow softly falls and it's magical and it makes you start dreaming of a white Christmas.

This was a crazy windy shake the house storm where you can't catch your breath because it's so windy and you don't want to go outside sort of storm. And all the windows are in the entire house are decorated with snow.

Apparently the drifts are outrageous out there. 

I didn't go out.

Terry said they are over 6 ft high.

We were wondering were the snow plow hadn't come in and plowed out the township part of our road.  Terry took the tractor and drove across our field and the neighbours field...the snow has blown so hard that the fields are sort of bare....and he came out at the other township road...and he found the snow plow.  He was stuck in a snow bank.  Terry helped him out with the tractor and asked about our road but he said that it's too deep and he can't do it.

So we are snowbound.

See you in the spring. actually the township will hire another guy with a bigger tractor to plow out our road.

Sometime.  We aren't sure when.

So we are snowbound.

And the wind is still howling out there.

And it's still snowing.

The girls went out a couple of times even though it's not playing in the snow sort of weather.

And we've played BINGO and Scrabble and drank hot chocolate and ate popcorn.  And watched Elf.

And they are hoping for another snow day tomorrow.



  1. crazy out at my place in Laurentian Valley too. M. went out with the big tractor and blower and did a preliminary cleanup before the storm stopped. I know we got a least a foot of the danged stuff.

    1. It's crazy! We were plowed out this evening but Terry says the snowbanks are up to the mirrors on the truck on both sides of the road....and it's like driving thru a tunnel. With the wind still howling I'm thinking that it's already all filled back in! I don't know how we will cope with the banks that high. Stay safe!


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