Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Snow and Another Grad!

There was no snow day today. 

It was business as usual.

But not really.

We had been blown out yesterday evening but the drifts just all blew back in with the crazy wind!

The snow has blown so hard across the fields that really there isn't a lot of snow in the fields.  So we put the truck in 4WD and went out across our back field...crossed over through a fence into a neighbours field...tucking in the side mirrors as it's a tight squeeze between fence posts!...and came out on the other side road....and got the kids to school!

It was grad picture day for Grady....there was no way he could miss that!  Grad....already?  A second one graduating from high school?....how is that even possible?  Excuse me while I go and cry.

Johanna graduated last spring and she is pursuing a nursing degree now.  I guess I didn't share that with all of you as I was having a wee blogging break....

Anyways...back to the snowmeggeden situation.

By noon I wanted to see what exactly the road that was unplowable looked like!  I went out with the truck and drove all the way around....through the fields and around to our road.

And this is what I saw.....

Wow.  Our road has never been that bad.

By 2:30pm the plowmen were back.  A big tractor and the township plow...and they got it all cleared out. 

And the winds have finally died down.

Hopefully it won't drift tonight.


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