Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Wooden Flag

We made a flag.  Out of wood.  A wooden Canadian flag.

It was a rainy first day of summer holidays and the girls were bored and the next day was Canada Day.  We were looking forward to big celebrations as it's Canada's 150th Birthday this year.

Everyone needed something to do.  It was very unusual for Terry to be in sitting on the couch at the end of June.  But it was raining and the hay couldn't be done.

It rained again today even though it wasn't suppose to rain today.  It seems to rain nearly everyday.  We are still waiting on hay weather.

Anyways....back to this flag.  It's quite amazing.

I asked to Terry if we had any wood.  And I told him what I wanted to do.  And he went outside and instantly made this huge wooden flag in the exact size that I wanted.

I was shocked.

He came back in and said that it was in the garage...all ready to be painted.

We had an actual real flag this exact size so I took a bunch of pieces of paper and taped them all together and lay the flag out on the floor and traced the maple leaf.  Then I cut it out and traced it onto the wood.

And the girls and I painted it.

The next morning...being Canada Day....Terry and the boys put it up on the barn at the farmhouse.

And the sun shone for most of the day...just a brief shower before the fireworks.

It was a day of celebrating and fun.


Monday, 17 July 2017

A post to try and catch up...

I'm behind.  So behind in this whole blogging thing.

We've been so busy.  Mostly celebrating stuff.

Grady turned 18...and then he graduated.  I love this photo of Johanna helping him with his hat....making sure it will be picture perfect.

My cousin became a priest.  That was 3 days of celebrating.

Lydia turned 8.  She insisted we keep that 'Happy Birthday Lydia' sign up in the kitchen for a whole week.  And every visitor and thing that happened that week turned into celebrating Lydia.  It was fun!

We've been to the Sands at Golden Lake twice.  Celebrating family with both the Dwyer's and the Helferty's.  We enjoy those relaxing days at the lake so much....and the visiting is good too!

There have been soccer nights and 4-H meetings and an attempt at sleeping in the tent....

I made my most favourite cake of all time but the lighting was so crappy because it was a rainy day....I didn't really get good photos of it....

Oh yes...the rain.  It's been never ending.  We managed to get the crop in...about a month late.  There are other fields in our area that remain untouched.  They are just to wet.

All the hay that we have managed to cut has been wrapped.  We prefer dry hay in the loft of the barn but that isn't happening.  We are still holding out that a dry spell with eventually happen and we will get some dry hay.  It's getting late for this to all happen now.

We did manage to get the garden planted and it's the most amazing garden I have ever seen.  The tomato plants are like bushes.  We dug some potatoes and carrots for supper last yummy!  Looking forward to the beans and peas and zucchini!

In other big news we were featured in 'edible Ottawa' magazine!  It's the July/August issue and it's a beautiful free publication that's available at select locations across the Ottawa region.  Their website is here.

Pick up a copy if you are in the area!


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Pre Prom Party

Last September, we were asked to host the Pre Prom Party for Grady's graduating class.  These kids have been planning this party all year.

And these two waited all day long for the party to finally start...

The cars and limos and party buses all started to arrive at about 4pm.  We fit as many as we could in the yard but the cars were lined all the way down the road as well.

These kids are loved.  Their families and Grandmas and friends all wanted to see them and celebrate with them on their special day.

They brought salads and appetizers and had ordered 65 pounds of beef to have on buns.  We ran out of beef...and plates!  I think there were over 400 people here!

They asked me to make a cake....and it disappeared rather quickly! 

Sophie served it and she couldn't get it to them quick enough.  She would just go out with the tray and turn around for a refill.  I overheard someone say "Where is the girl with the cake?"

Here is this sweet girl!...

The dresses were beautiful and the young lads cleaned up well...

Jack managed to come in from the field and bring the new tractor on scene for photos...

There were girls in beautiful dresses out in the field petting the bottle fed lambs and others were holding kittens.  I think everyone had a very wonderful, memorable day.

I'm especially loving my Facebook feed this week!  It's filled with photos of everyone enjoying themselves at our farm!

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Aimy, for being my photographer for the day.  Much appreciated!

We are blessed.


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eggs come out of butts.'s JUNE!

wow.  It sure doesn't feel like it!  It's cold and damp.'s still raining.....

The garden is planted but it's very muddy and the tomato plants look like they've gone dormant. 

We still have two fields to plant but it's impossible to get it done with the ground this wet.  Not having the crop in by June is pretty much unheard of.

Wee bit of stress happening....for all the farmers in the area.

The farmhouse was booked up nicely for the summer until we recently got a few cancellations.  Lots of spots on the calendar now.

Come on over and I'll share my world with you.  We love meeting the city folk....and I especially love their questions.  A teenager came to stay with his family not long ago and he asked if he could eat an egg from the henhouse.  I said Yes of course!  Then he said...but it just came out of that chickens butt!  I said....actually all eggs come out of chickens butts.  He looked at me so serious and said....but I get my eggs at the grocery store.

Yes.  All eggs come out of butts.  That's just reality.  Eat the eggs.

So much to learn when you stay with us at the farmhouse!

I recently discovered the boomerang app.  It cracks me up.  We were baking with rhubarb and having a little fun....




And we got the meatbirds last week....


Ok...I'll stop now.  If you want to see more then find me on Instagram!

I've been jamming as many colours in the icing bag as I can and seeing what will happen when I make those swirly flowers....


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May madness....

What is it with May?  It was this time last year that I quit blogging....just didn't have time!  And here I go again....I'm behind!  May is madness.

The crop is going in.  The cattle are getting out on pasture.  Jack is shearing sheep.  We got the old garage tore down...and the playhouse moved over from our other place.  Johanna worked away at the mess in the field at the river today.  She brought several loads of driftwood to the burn pile.

I've been busy getting the garden planted and the farmhouse is busy again so there is lots of bedding and towels to wash. The hens have returned to the henhouse for our guests to enjoy. I've weaned Sugar off of bottles and put her out with the other sheep.  I still have a set of twins to bottle feed....3 times a day.

We've hosted 4-H meetings...for the sheep and beef clubs.

Lydia joined soccer and the blackflies are thick.

I painted our front door red...I just used the leftover barn it matches the barn door perfectly!

The kittens are eating cat food.

I will try to get back in the habit of taking photos of stuff but for now I've just got more cake pictures.....and cookies too...


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sugar thinks she's a dog....and the river is receding!

Sugar can't figure out what she is or where she belongs.

When we let her out to roam she thinks she's a dog.  She was following Grady and Ruby around one morning last week....

Yes....look at me....I'm a dog...and I'm doing chores.

Only she dilly dallies and doesn't keep up....

And they went in the barn to do chores and she didn't get to go...

Excuse me??  OPEN THE DOOR!  You forgot about ME!

I called her to come over to me and she came running.  She knows her name...she thinks she's a dog....

And then I took her down to be with the other sheep and lambs for the day. 

When I put her in with them I told her to go and make some friends.  But she just can't.  They sniff her and don't accept her.  She keeps to herself.

We have been blessed with sunshine the last two days!  I took a walk to the river and it's receding.  But we will have a clean up to do in the field....lots of debris....lots of garbage!

The river is still overflowing it's banks....and high and fast!  And it's suppose to start raining again tomorrow....