Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A cake. The washing machine. A sink.

Tis the season.

I was asked to make a cake for this hunt camp last week....the Black Donald Hunt Camp.  I don't even have any idea where it is....way back in the bush somewhere.  Anyways, the local radio station was coming for a visit and they wanted to celebrate.  The station goes around to all the different camps and interviews the hunters...talks about the camp and their tradition of the hunt.

I had quite a day yesterday.  I knew the washing machine was at it's last...I had been spinning the cycle by putting it on the spin only cycle because the spin cycle during the regular wash cycle quit last week.  The machine is not even 3 years old. 

I bought a new machine on the weekend but it won't arrive until tomorrow and a week without doing wash here would be a national disaster.  And I have no time to go in to town to the I just keep putting in a wash and messing with the buttons and hoping that something will happen.
Yesterday it refused to spin.  I had a large wash of all farm stuff...big stuff that I couldn't ring by hand.  I just put it all in 2 baskets and took it to the clothes line.  Dripping wet.  Then I thought the line would snap with the weight....but it actually didn't!  And the sun came out and it was nearly dry by the end of the day!

After that episode I went in to Home Depot to get a sink for the kitchen.  I had measured our sink cupboard at home and it was 36" I figured that was standard.  Sinks are a pretty big deal for me.  I have never owned a dishwasher.  I would rather wash by hand.  I have some big pots and pans and baking sheets so I love my big sink.....but I can't take it with me when we move so I went and bought a big beautiful sink.

And I came home and looked at the drawing for the new kitchen and saw that the cupboard is only a 34".

And today I will return my big beautiful sink and buy a regular sink.

And I will never wash my big cookie sheets again....without getting water everywhere.

And I did a wash again this morning with that machine...just a small one with clothes that the girls need.  I washed it twice because there was no rinse....and no spin.  I wrung it out with my hands....and it's on the line...and here comes the sun!

And it's my birthday!

Funny how I don't make my birthday public on my Facebook page but it only takes one friend to wish me a happy birthday and it all blows up.  Everyone knows.  There is no hiding anything on Facebook!


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