Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Douglas St. Patrick's Parade 2014

The 3rd Annual St. Patrick's Parade was held on Friday night.

It was a day for the wee little town of Douglas to become 'the place to be' in the valley....thousands of people descended upon the village.

And it was spectacular.

The entertainment started in the late afternoon in the downtown.  The 4-H square dancers started it off...

And then there was dancing in the street.

At the other end of town the floats were arriving and people were preparing....and visiting....and eating.....and celebrating.

The theme for our float this year was "Dwyer's Patayda Patch"....because we grow pataydas and eat pataydas....and we love pataydas.

We had two rows of tissue paper pataydas with a scuffler in the middle.  We all took turns scuffling those pataydas.


Time to get on those stepdancing shoes and tune up the fiddle....

Before we left Terry went over to taunt the crazies on the 'Fighting Irish' float....

The floats are all so creative....and so much fun!

Everybody ready?  Time to go....

I'm not sure how many floats there were....maybe 70.

The crowds were amazing....probably about 5000 people.

Thanks to Marie Watson for the following photos of the parade....
Mrs. Murphy was busy getting her wash on the line....
The parade marshals were Harry and Desmond Enright.  They are brothers and dairy farmers that produce 100% Douglas Milk....
We were all blessed by St. Patrick himself.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
So happy and blessed to call Douglas my home.


  1. We miss this parade every year as we celebrate down at my sister's place near Kemptville! We drive through Douglas the day after (every year) and consider staying "home" next year to attend but then can't resist the draw for our own ways of celebrating. I love seeing it through your eyes! Thanks for sharing!
    Here's my little post about our celebrations!

    1. Oh have to experience the parade at least once! It's magical! We had friends come from Ottawa to see it this year and their children said that it was better than the Disney Light Parade! AND they aren't even Irish! Get your family all together and put a float in for next year!

  2. Yep, better than Disney!!!! Or maybe it was the great company :) Did anyone catch anything on the CTV news?

    1. I can't find anything online from CTV news. It's odd....because they were there.


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