Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sophie's Year at School

Sophie's first year of school is coming to an end.

She went to grade one this year.  I had fully intended on homeschooling her but she really wanted to go to school....so we let her go.

Remember when my heart ached?

Every child is different....and I knew that she was very 'social'....I needed to let her go. 

She thrived in the school environment and she has had an excellent year.

She managed to get the teacher with the 'golden hair'....which made all her dreams come true.

On her very first day I got a phone call....she had banged heads with another child during gym class.  She decided that she needed to go home.  I didn't go and get her...even though I sort of wanted to.  They reassured me that she was okay....and then she decided that she was okay too.

I remember picking her up one day after school and meeting a TA at the door.  I was told that 'the school was blessed to have Sophie in it'.  He mentioned that I must miss her at home...and I certainly did.  I really did.

She was only into school a couple of weeks and she was voted onto student council!  There were several days when she came home and told me that she didn't get to go out for lunch recess....and I held my breath, thinking WHAT did she do?.....but she was in a student council meeting during recess.  Busy girl!  She would always mention that 'they had some really good ideas!'

She has a competitive side.  I remember her bringing home a ribbon from a cross country run.  She certainly doesn't get her running skills from me.

She missed the bus once....actually I think the bus broke down that day.

She got tired of eating yogurt....and cheese.  and crackers.  and apples.  and all snacks that I offered her on her lunch.  She begged me to buy Bear Paws and granola bars....but I refused.

She enjoyed several snow days.

She had us all singing "What does the fox say?".....and "Boom snap clap ba-boom snap clap".

She experienced a 'crush'.

She got a huge blister on her hand from playing on the monkey bars.

She had some sick days.

She was thrilled when she was invited to a birthday party.....she went to several.

She was heartbroken when she was excluded from a birthday party....that happened once.

She didn't always bring home the 'notes'.  The important ones....the 'reminders'....the ones that let me know what's going on.  I think her desk is full of the 'notes'.

She had some days where she just didn't want to go.

She made some really good friends.

She has learned many, many good life lessons this year.

She received a 'St. Michael's Parish Award'.  There is one presented in each class.  It is given to the student who throughout the year has displayed high standing Christian principles.

She was thrilled....and she wanted to go shopping right away!

She is looking forward to the summer holidays.

We are going to....

and maybe work on spelling?


Monday, 23 June 2014

Hilling the Pataydas with Pearl

Terry and Grady used Pearl to hill the potatoes last night.

Lovely, lovely potatoes.  They are doing well....and the potato bugs are also thriving.

We eat a lot of potatoes.

Actually....they're really called pataydas.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Happy Doozers

It's fun being a Mom.

Never a dull moment.

There are so many 'stages'....or 'phases' that the children go through.

You just have to embrace those 'stages'...and enjoy them.....even if they are extremely annoying.

Just roll with it.

Because time will pass....and they will outgrow them.....eventually.

My children have:

-refused to wear clothing.  Just walk around in underwear all day....and what does it matter really?....the closest neighbour is two fields away.

-changed their clothes a million times a day....making sure to leave a trail of clothes all over the floor.

-only wear one particular piece of clothing and refuse to take it off.....ever.  A blue 'rose' dress comes to mind....uuuggg.

-put the dirty clothes back in the dresser drawer....so they will be impossible to find when you are collecting clothes for the wash.

-read the same book....a million gazillion times.  There are no other books.  The book is memorized and they could read it themselves yet I will read it one. more. time.

-play the same board game....over. and over. and over.  Yes.  Let's play it again.  And for some reason the child always wins ;)

-watch the same movie.  Let's get that one from the library AGAIN.

-refuse to get into a their car seat.  REFUSE.  It was always great when they did this in a public parking lot.  I think my mother had it so much easier....I remember jumping from the back seat to the front while she drove down the road.  She didn't even deal with seatbelts let alone a child's car seat!  On second thought....she had to deal with me jumping from the back to the front....

-refuse to take a bath

-eat spaghetti for breakfast...everyday....for several days.

-have an imaginary friend.  She came with us...and had amazing adventures of her own....and I heard all about them.  At one point we were trying to figure out what was real and what was not.

-refuse to get into the stroller.  Just when I thought we'd get out for a nice, brisk walk....the child decides that they want to 'walk' to....only they are much to young to go for a 'brisk' walk.  We end up having the slowest walk ever....which does not clear my mind or make me feel any better.

-at the age of 3 they run to the phone to try and answer it before you get there....but by the age of 12 they refuse to answer it.

-wiping their dirty hands and face on the dishtowels.

-tell jokes.  Jokes that they make up and aren't even funny.  But you laugh anyway.

-use their own language....pronounce words wrong.  'Happy New Year' became 'Happy Doozers' in this house....and people were wished 'Happy Doozers' well into March.

Right now Sophie and Lydia are in the 'stage' of.....

Stop copying me.  Stop copying me.  Stop copying me.  Stop copying me.

AND as we drive down the road one will say "There's a fox."...."Ha. Ha. made you look."
"There's a deer!"...."Ha. Ha. made you look."  .....meanwhile I'm hoping that I don't hit the deer....that doesn't even exist.

'Stages'....they sure are fun.


Tuesday, 17 June 2014


We are celebrating Grady today.

He is turning 15.

He's taller than me....and Terry.

He's a strong young man with a very big heart.

He's a farmer.

He's always been a farmer.


Happy Birthday Grady!


Monday, 16 June 2014

Random Photos on my Memory Card

I was looking at the photos on my memory card.

Let's see....

a couple of geese.

homemade cinnamon buns....only I filled them with raspberries instead of cinnamon and I glazed them with a lemon glaze instead of maple syrup.  So I guess they are Raspberry Buns.....they were so so good.  I think I will be taking them to the Farmers' Market.

a turtle on our laneway.

our new neighbours on the road.  My heart went into my throat as I watched them go down the road with this load of lumber.  It was a young fellow driving the team of horses and there were several little girls walking all over the top of the load as they went along.  I said a prayer that they would make it safely to their destination.....as I watched the cars/buses pass by them.

these glasses.  Lydia wore them to bed two nights in a row.  I just kept going in to her room to see her sleeping with them on....and then I laughed hysterically.  So did Terry.

a family of ducks

some Father's Day love...


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sophie's Art Class

I enrolled Sophie in an after-school art class.  It was once a week for 8 weeks and they did 3 projects.

They started out with the 'Tree of Life'.  They had to draw out their design....

and then they painted it on canvas.

I love that little owl and bird.

Then they made birds out of clay and decorated them with old pieces of jewellery.  They painted them the next week.

They used pastel crayons with the last project.  First, they drew out the idea on paper and they drew it again and coloured it.

She was thrilled with the class...and I was amazed at the results!


Sunday, 8 June 2014


June is the month for prom....and cake!

These cakes were for a pre prom party.

June is the month for 'fun fairs' at the school....and face painting!  Johanna was practising on the girls one evening.  She would paint their faces and then wipe it off and do it again...and again.  Sophie became a dog at one point....so funny.

June is the month for cutting the lawns...and ball games....and planting the rest of the garden...and bbq's....and enjoying these beautiful warm sunny days!  And it's for big bowls of pasta salad!  I made a big bowl and loaded up my plate and then said to Sophie "Want some pasta salad?"...and she looked at me kinda funny.....and said "You want me to pass the salad?"....looking at me like why would I need MORE salad...and as if she could lift that huge bowl of salad anyway.  And I said, "No....do you want pasta salad?"...but I realize that I talk way to fast and it sounds like "You, wanna pass the salad?" And then she was still confused.  So, instead, I asked her if she liked pasta salad...and she said that she didn't.  But she was still thinking that I needed her to pass the salad.  But I didn't. 

June is the month for fishing at the river!  Jack had a good day today with his Uncle Irwin.  So proud of him....he was once fearful of water and boats...but now he loves it.


Monday, 2 June 2014

The Bed Switch

Sophie has been bothering....or rather 'hounding'.....Johanna about going off to college.

Like....just hurry up and do it.


Because Sophie really....REALLY...wants her bedroom.

She wants her own room....all by herself.

Right now, she shares a room with Lydia.

And really, seriously....there are no problems with that.

Because they don't really spend much time in their room.

But, anyways, Sophie says that all her friends at school have their own rooms.....and so should she.

Good grief.  The problems of a six year old.

So....Johanna had a school band trip to Montreal....for ONE night....last week.

And a couple weeks before....Johanna told me that Jack told her that he was going to tell Sophie that Johanna was actually going to college....not on a band trip.

I thought that that was funny.

Jack can be a prankster.

So I told Terry the plan....and it all became a joke around here.

Johanna was packing for college....but really it was for a band trip to Montreal.

Sophie knew the real story...but just 'played' along...because really....Johanna was going to be away for one night...and her bed was going to be empty....and it didn't really matter where she was....Sophie was going to experience 'her own room'.

BUT....when reality hit and Johanna didn't come home from school....because she was in Montreal....LYDIA decided that she wanted to sleep in Johanna's bed too.

Good grief.  What to do?  I only had ONE night to work with.

They tidied Johanna's room....folding all the clothes that were left all over the bed....and they made a plan. 

They would take turns sleeping in the bed.  Lydia would sleep in the bed until midnight and then they would switch and Sophie would sleep in the bed until morning.  They were happy and all was well...until I thought about it and asked....WHO is waking you up to make the switch?

Yeah....that would be ME.  Mom will do it.

I didn't sleep well because I knew I had to get up and make 'the switch'.

And the switch happened....not a midnight....but it happened.

And everyone woke up happy the next day.

They had gotten to sleep in Johanna's bed.

And Johanna had a great trip to Montreal.