Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sophie's Year at School

Sophie's first year of school is coming to an end.

She went to grade one this year.  I had fully intended on homeschooling her but she really wanted to go to school....so we let her go.

Remember when my heart ached?

Every child is different....and I knew that she was very 'social'....I needed to let her go. 

She thrived in the school environment and she has had an excellent year.

She managed to get the teacher with the 'golden hair'....which made all her dreams come true.

On her very first day I got a phone call....she had banged heads with another child during gym class.  She decided that she needed to go home.  I didn't go and get her...even though I sort of wanted to.  They reassured me that she was okay....and then she decided that she was okay too.

I remember picking her up one day after school and meeting a TA at the door.  I was told that 'the school was blessed to have Sophie in it'.  He mentioned that I must miss her at home...and I certainly did.  I really did.

She was only into school a couple of weeks and she was voted onto student council!  There were several days when she came home and told me that she didn't get to go out for lunch recess....and I held my breath, thinking WHAT did she do?.....but she was in a student council meeting during recess.  Busy girl!  She would always mention that 'they had some really good ideas!'

She has a competitive side.  I remember her bringing home a ribbon from a cross country run.  She certainly doesn't get her running skills from me.

She missed the bus once....actually I think the bus broke down that day.

She got tired of eating yogurt....and cheese.  and crackers.  and apples.  and all snacks that I offered her on her lunch.  She begged me to buy Bear Paws and granola bars....but I refused.

She enjoyed several snow days.

She had us all singing "What does the fox say?".....and "Boom snap clap ba-boom snap clap".

She experienced a 'crush'.

She got a huge blister on her hand from playing on the monkey bars.

She had some sick days.

She was thrilled when she was invited to a birthday party.....she went to several.

She was heartbroken when she was excluded from a birthday party....that happened once.

She didn't always bring home the 'notes'.  The important ones....the 'reminders'....the ones that let me know what's going on.  I think her desk is full of the 'notes'.

She had some days where she just didn't want to go.

She made some really good friends.

She has learned many, many good life lessons this year.

She received a 'St. Michael's Parish Award'.  There is one presented in each class.  It is given to the student who throughout the year has displayed high standing Christian principles.

She was thrilled....and she wanted to go shopping right away!

She is looking forward to the summer holidays.

We are going to....

and maybe work on spelling?



  1. I thought it was just my girls who were upset I won't buy them Bear Paws for school!

    Sounds like Sophie had a wonderful first year at school!

    Congratulations Sophie!

  2. Lovely post, Brenda! It seems like she is thriving at school :)


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