Monday, 2 June 2014

The Bed Switch

Sophie has been bothering....or rather 'hounding'.....Johanna about going off to college.

Like....just hurry up and do it.


Because Sophie really....REALLY...wants her bedroom.

She wants her own room....all by herself.

Right now, she shares a room with Lydia.

And really, seriously....there are no problems with that.

Because they don't really spend much time in their room.

But, anyways, Sophie says that all her friends at school have their own rooms.....and so should she.

Good grief.  The problems of a six year old.

So....Johanna had a school band trip to Montreal....for ONE night....last week.

And a couple weeks before....Johanna told me that Jack told her that he was going to tell Sophie that Johanna was actually going to college....not on a band trip.

I thought that that was funny.

Jack can be a prankster.

So I told Terry the plan....and it all became a joke around here.

Johanna was packing for college....but really it was for a band trip to Montreal.

Sophie knew the real story...but just 'played' along...because really....Johanna was going to be away for one night...and her bed was going to be empty....and it didn't really matter where she was....Sophie was going to experience 'her own room'.

BUT....when reality hit and Johanna didn't come home from school....because she was in Montreal....LYDIA decided that she wanted to sleep in Johanna's bed too.

Good grief.  What to do?  I only had ONE night to work with.

They tidied Johanna's room....folding all the clothes that were left all over the bed....and they made a plan. 

They would take turns sleeping in the bed.  Lydia would sleep in the bed until midnight and then they would switch and Sophie would sleep in the bed until morning.  They were happy and all was well...until I thought about it and asked....WHO is waking you up to make the switch?

Yeah....that would be ME.  Mom will do it.

I didn't sleep well because I knew I had to get up and make 'the switch'.

And the switch happened....not a midnight....but it happened.

And everyone woke up happy the next day.

They had gotten to sleep in Johanna's bed.

And Johanna had a great trip to Montreal.


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