Monday, 16 June 2014

Random Photos on my Memory Card

I was looking at the photos on my memory card.

Let's see....

a couple of geese.

homemade cinnamon buns....only I filled them with raspberries instead of cinnamon and I glazed them with a lemon glaze instead of maple syrup.  So I guess they are Raspberry Buns.....they were so so good.  I think I will be taking them to the Farmers' Market.

a turtle on our laneway.

our new neighbours on the road.  My heart went into my throat as I watched them go down the road with this load of lumber.  It was a young fellow driving the team of horses and there were several little girls walking all over the top of the load as they went along.  I said a prayer that they would make it safely to their I watched the cars/buses pass by them.

these glasses.  Lydia wore them to bed two nights in a row.  I just kept going in to her room to see her sleeping with them on....and then I laughed hysterically.  So did Terry.

a family of ducks

some Father's Day love...


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