Sunday, 8 June 2014


June is the month for prom....and cake!

These cakes were for a pre prom party.

June is the month for 'fun fairs' at the school....and face painting!  Johanna was practising on the girls one evening.  She would paint their faces and then wipe it off and do it again...and again.  Sophie became a dog at one funny.

June is the month for cutting the lawns...and ball games....and planting the rest of the garden...and bbq's....and enjoying these beautiful warm sunny days!  And it's for big bowls of pasta salad!  I made a big bowl and loaded up my plate and then said to Sophie "Want some pasta salad?"...and she looked at me kinda funny.....and said "You want me to pass the salad?"....looking at me like why would I need MORE salad...and as if she could lift that huge bowl of salad anyway.  And I said, " you want pasta salad?"...but I realize that I talk way to fast and it sounds like "You, wanna pass the salad?" And then she was still confused.  So, instead, I asked her if she liked pasta salad...and she said that she didn't.  But she was still thinking that I needed her to pass the salad.  But I didn't. 

June is the month for fishing at the river!  Jack had a good day today with his Uncle Irwin.  So proud of him....he was once fearful of water and boats...but now he loves it.



  1. Yeahhhhh for Jack, that's quite the fish! Ben can't wait to do more boating and fishing with all of them. Glad to hear he isn't afraid of the water any more :)

  2. Still giggling over 'pass the salad'! I'll have to show the kids the post of Sophie's painted face!

    What kind of fish is Jack holding?

    1. It's a pike, Susy...and it was really yummy!

    2. Ah, I have never been one for fish. My parents love fish though!


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