Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Happy Doozers

It's fun being a Mom.

Never a dull moment.

There are so many 'stages'....or 'phases' that the children go through.

You just have to embrace those 'stages'...and enjoy them.....even if they are extremely annoying.

Just roll with it.

Because time will pass....and they will outgrow them.....eventually.

My children have:

-refused to wear clothing.  Just walk around in underwear all day....and what does it matter really?....the closest neighbour is two fields away.

-changed their clothes a million times a day....making sure to leave a trail of clothes all over the floor.

-only wear one particular piece of clothing and refuse to take it off.....ever.  A blue 'rose' dress comes to mind....uuuggg.

-put the dirty clothes back in the dresser they will be impossible to find when you are collecting clothes for the wash.

-read the same book....a million gazillion times.  There are no other books.  The book is memorized and they could read it themselves yet I will read it one. more. time.

-play the same board game....over. and over. and over.  Yes.  Let's play it again.  And for some reason the child always wins ;)

-watch the same movie.  Let's get that one from the library AGAIN.

-refuse to get into a their car seat.  REFUSE.  It was always great when they did this in a public parking lot.  I think my mother had it so much easier....I remember jumping from the back seat to the front while she drove down the road.  She didn't even deal with seatbelts let alone a child's car seat!  On second thought....she had to deal with me jumping from the back to the front....

-refuse to take a bath

-eat spaghetti for breakfast...everyday....for several days.

-have an imaginary friend.  She came with us...and had amazing adventures of her own....and I heard all about them.  At one point we were trying to figure out what was real and what was not.

-refuse to get into the stroller.  Just when I thought we'd get out for a nice, brisk walk....the child decides that they want to 'walk' to....only they are much to young to go for a 'brisk' walk.  We end up having the slowest walk ever....which does not clear my mind or make me feel any better.

-at the age of 3 they run to the phone to try and answer it before you get there....but by the age of 12 they refuse to answer it.

-wiping their dirty hands and face on the dishtowels.

-tell jokes.  Jokes that they make up and aren't even funny.  But you laugh anyway.

-use their own language....pronounce words wrong.  'Happy New Year' became 'Happy Doozers' in this house....and people were wished 'Happy Doozers' well into March.

Right now Sophie and Lydia are in the 'stage' of.....

Stop copying me.  Stop copying me.  Stop copying me.  Stop copying me.

AND as we drive down the road one will say "There's a fox."...."Ha. Ha. made you look."
"There's a deer!"...."Ha. Ha. made you look."  .....meanwhile I'm hoping that I don't hit the deer....that doesn't even exist.

'Stages'....they sure are fun.


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