Friday, 4 November 2016

Paint and Floors

It's Friday already?  How did that happen?

I had a few days of felt like night and day non stop painting. Ceilings were the worst. My body ached but I got it done.

When I was thinking about what colour....and I was thinking green because the house we are in is basically this green only lighter and darker everywhere....because green is my favourite.  I asked Sophie her opinion on colour and she just sort of looked at me there any other option other than green because green is our house colour and we need to live in a green house.

So ya.  It's green.  again.

In that photo up there you can see the big archway...that wasn't there a month or so ago.  It was just a regular door between living room and kitchen.  But now it's a big archway and you see how thick it is?....that's because it's hiding the logs of the house.  They busted thru the logs of the house to make the archway.  I didn't take any photos because I was just standing around sort of scared and stunned and asking our carpenter if the whole house would fall down.  He just laughed and said....I hope not!

Ha Ha Ha.

You can also see the staircase in the photo.  There was a wall there before.  We called it 'the world's narrowest hallway'....because that was a tiny hallway that ran along the stairway and the wall was covered in hooks...because there was no closet to hang up a coat.  I was actually a little afraid of what that space was going to look like after we moved in....there would be a million coats all hung on hooks and a billion pair of shoes/boots/farm stuff all over the floor.  It would have been awful.  So we tore out the wall and built a closet...with a we can hide all that stuff.

I should have taken some before photos.

But I didn't.  It was all decided on rather quickly.  And happened rather quickly.

Anyways, I was sort of in a painting frenzy because it had to be done so the floors could be put down before the hunt starts....because Kevin was the one helping with the floors and once the hunt starts next week he will be unavailable for floors.

Because most of Renfrew County comes to a standstill when the hunt starts.

So Kevin came to help get the floors started and now Terry can work away and get them finished.

They are oak and 'rustic' and I LOVE them.

With my excitement I shared a photo on Facebook and of course people mentioned that they loved Terry's safety shoes.

Yes....he is in his socks.

His boots have spent too many days in the barnyard and there is no way that they are walking on those floors!



  1. Oh yes, that is SO MUCH FUN isn't it? My brother is busy renovating and insulating our old family home which was built in 1837. When he hauled the old lath and plaster off he discovered it was a post and beam house all braced with some iffy 2x16 boards (yes, I DID type 16!). There wasn't a lick of insulation in the place.
    My brother think's he's going to have it all finished by Christmas. I nearly passed out from laughing so hard!

    1. Wow...1837...that's an old house! And that's a big job...but it will be beautiful and so much warmer when he's finished. Best of luck to him!


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