Friday, 28 October 2016

October Snow

The first snow fall of the season is usually sort of magical.

I didn't feel it this year.

Maybe because it's October.

I'm missing the warmth of summer already.

But these girls aren't.

They didn't even want to come in for supper.



  1. That was just nuts wasn't it?We had six inches at my house in Laurentian Valley. If my grandkids were here they wouldn't have REALLY loved it!

    1. Yes it was CRAZY...but the kids just loved it! It should be all melted by tomorrow...the yard is a sloppy mess!

  2. The kids were pretty excited when a few flakes fell earlier in the week, but were ecstatic when they came home to perfect snowmen making weather. They both at different times asked me to go shopping for winter boots.

    1. I bet they had a ball in the snow! My girls are refusing to wear the winter boots yet! They will wear those running shoes for as long as they can...but it's so cold on the toes in the mornings!


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