Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Caking and MOVING!

I've been baking and caking.

With a big influx of Mennonite families in the last couple of years, the locals have decided to shop at their farms instead of supporting the local farmers' markets.  Sales were so low last year that I decided to not return to the Eganville Market.  I applied to the Carp market and was refused.  My only other option outside of the "Mennonite" zone was Deep River.  I went up's an hour long drive....but I didn't sell enough to make it worth my while.  I didn't realize that it would take an entire summer to get established in another market.  Many people remarked at how beautiful my pies were but it just wasn't something that they would eat.  They seem to be very health conscious....many were looking for something gluten free.  It just wasn't a good fit for me.

Then I was contacted by Wilton to become a cake decorating instructor.  I was very excited about the idea.  I took all the exams and got my certificate...even paid for my apron and books.  They assigned me the Michael's store in Pembroke.  Trouble was that I would be paid by Michael's....not Wilton.  The trip to Pembroke for a 2 hour class....along with prep time....and expenses of icing and supplies....with being paid a wage of a Michael's employee was just going to cost us too much.  It wouldn't even have been enough to pay for the gas!

I'm busy with cake orders but I no longer need a baking kitchen....because I'm no longer baking large amounts for a market. 

So....the big news around here is....


To Emmett's!

We have been sanding floors and painting and busting out walls all summer!

We have been making Emmett's home our home.

The kids have asked if we are still going to call it 'Emmett's' when we move there.

That's a good question.



  1. Wow!!! Is there an official date you move, or is it an ongoing process?

    1. It's ongoing Susy! We are hoping to be in by Christmas. I painted all weekend and I have muscles that I didn't know I had!


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