Monday, 24 October 2016



I'm here.  I'm back.

My last post was Mother's very long ago!  I'm not even sure where to start....

Summer came and we were all so busy I just didn't bother blogging.  I was surprised when I'd see someone and they would mention that they were missing the blog. 

I didn't think anyone read it!

My Aunt Dianne especially loved the blog.  She always encouraged me and supported me and told me to never stop blogging.  She told me that I was teaching people about our way of life...and it was so very important. 

Dianne passed just last week.  We celebrated her life with a beautiful Mass of Christian Burial on Friday and then we had a delicious turkey dinner.  There were about 250 people there and we exchanged stories about Dianne as we all mingled and ate.  It was grand....that's the word that she would use to describe it.  She used the word 'grand' all the time.

Her obituary is here.

Dianne passed of cancer.  I went to down to visit her in Kingston at the end of August and again just before Thanksgiving weekend.  I treasure those visits.

She had a very long career in nursing.  She graduated from the Lorrain School of Nursing in Pembroke and then moved to Kingston where she worked at Providence Manor as the Director of Nursing for many, many years.  She started a campaign for pillows in August...when she was very sick with cancer.  She told me that it didn't matter where she worked that there was always a shortage of pillows.  Pillows are so very important in the care of a patient.  They aren't just for under your head.  They are used on other parts of your body to give comfort, provide pain relief and prevent sores.  She wanted to raise enough money to buy 1000 pillows for the various care facilities in the Kingston area.

If you would like to give a small donation, the link is this or here.

Dianne's passing got me thinking about the blog this past weekend and then a complete stranger messaged me saying that she was missing my stories!  So here I am.

I'm thinking I will have to sort of back track and update about where we are and what has been going on during the last 5 months!

I have so many stories to share.....

It was a pretty big deal for us to head to Kingston on Friday.  I think that is the longest trip that Sophie and Lydia have been on.  As we were leaving on Friday morning and driving down the lane, Lydia asked...

"Will we be passing thru Florida?  Do you think we will see any dolphins?"

Aunt Dianne would have been smiling.



  1. Missed you so much!! Love your blog, you are living my dream life, if I was younger. Now as a retired couple with a small farm in the grasslands of British Columbia we are living our dream. Keep writing!

    1. Awww...thanks for reading! So glad to hear that you are living your dream life as well. There is nothing better than farm life in Canada. I would love to see BC someday!


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