Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mother's Day, a Pail of Eggs and Planting

Sophie asked me on Saturday night what my favourite thing for breakfast was.  I told her fruit cereal.  It's really called Oatmeal Crisp.....Lydia prefers 'fruit cereal with no fruit'. Anyways...with Mother's Day the next day I knew that Sophie was planning something.  She also said "I know that you hate to sleep past 7...right Mom?"....and Johanna told her that she couldn't actually wake me up on Mother's Day!

I was hoping that it wouldn't be breakfast in bed.  They have never attempted that here.  And I'm glad because breakfast in bed just isn't my thing.

The morning alarms went off at 5am...the boys were thinking of going for a turkey hunt....but there was snow on the ground so they checked the cows and went back to bed.

Yes...snow.  Just a skift.  With a freezing cold wind.

I woke again at 6am...giggling downstairs...and I heard "DON'T PUT THE MILK ON IT YET!"

I doze back to sleep until 6:45am...and then I went downstairs.  Thankful that no one had brought the cereal up to me!....But wondering when the milk did go on my cereal.

The bowl was on the kitchen table.  With the milk in it.

Sophie so pleased...."There you go Mom.  Your breakfast!"

I thanked her and then asked how long the milk had been on it.

"Maybe about 5 minutes.  The milk should still be cold."

Perfect.  I added some All Bran on top....because fibre is good.....and I ate it.

No one collected the eggs in the hen house on Sunday because it was so cold it didn't matter anyway...and we were too busy with Mother's Day and visiting.

So yesterday morning I had about 40 eggs to collect.  I put them all in a pail and brought them safely into the kitchen.

Somehow I tripped...I think on my leg....and stepped right into the pail of eggs.....dumping the pail and making eggs roll across the kitchen floor.  My foot was covered in egg stuff.  It was all a disgusting mess.

I wanted to cry.  And the rest of my day was pretty much a mess...nothing seemed to go right.

But today I have been able to laugh about the eggs.  I think I'm probably the only person able to accomplish something so seriously ridiculous.

And now Terry is sort of having the day I had yesterday.  He cut himself on his hand early this morning.  He thinks he needs stitches....and I think so too.

But he says he really doesn't have time to go to the ER.

It's another planting day here. 

So I'm not only delivering food and water to the field...but bandages, gauze wrap and medical tape.

And hopefully he will go and get that stitched up when the sun goes down tonight.


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