Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Lambs, Cakes, Kittens...

The lambs are all here!  Rosie was the last to lamb....she is still the favourite I believe.

This isn't Rosie....this is Stampy.....

We have a total of 39 this year....about 30 arrived in the span of 2 weeks.  This is excellent.  It shows that they were all bred in their first cycle....typical dinner conversation here.

They baaaaa a lot and run and play and sleep and watch the cars go by and get out under the fence.

They are lambs....they are perfect....but they are baaaaaaaaaaaaad!

We celebrated Confirmation in our parish last week.

And First Holy Communion with this little doll....I'm her Godmother!

Sophie gets up early in the morning and she writes on the easel with the dry erase marker.  And when I get up and come downstairs I smell this weird smell...and I sniff all over trying to figure out where it's coming from.  And I panic and start to unplug everything in the house.  And I honestly think that something is smoldering somewhere and the entire house is going to burn to the ground.  Of course Sophie is sitting eating her cereal at the kitchen table wondering what is wrong with me.  "I don't smell anything," she says.....looking at me like I've completely lost my mind.  And then finally someone will come downstairs with their brain turned on (usually Johanna) and tell me that it's the smell of the dry erase markers.  My brain is not on at that time.  I have done this a few times in the last month.  I do believe that different colours have different smells.  But I might be crazy.

We found these....

I filled out our Census online today.  We were given the long form.  That was one of the most difficult things I've had to endure.  I like to have fun with questionnaires....usually I lie on them.....when they are just from companies wanting to know stuff that they don't really need to know.  I get junk mail addressed to Dr. Dwyer!....and I drive a motorcycle!  I think it's because I studied questionnaires in my business marketing course....and we had to actually conduct one and tabulate the results.  And it was super boring.  So I think of those people tabulating the results and I give them a bit of a curve in their results.  Just for a wee bit of fun.

But I had to be serious today and fill that thing out proper.

And I made a butterscotch pie.


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