Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It happened.

It happened.


The ball gloves, badminton rackets, bikes, soccer balls.....everything is out.

We had 3 sets of triplet lambs and one very large single born all within 24 hours the other day.  It was a wee bit of madness. 

Then another set of twins and a couple more singles arrived. 

It's funny how when she just lambs a single we look at her like....what's up with that?....a single? you not have another one in there?

But it's all good.

I thought my summer was all planned out.

I thought I was going to go to the Carp Farmers' Market to sell my pies and tarts.  I was wanting to  expand to a 'bigger' market as I have been at Eganville for a few years. 

Johanna was even going to make a summer job out of it too...she was going to sell her amazing buttercream filled cookies.

We both applied.

We both didn't get in.

We are a little disappointed.  and shocked.  and feeling a little lost.



  1. Beautiful cakes! Carp doesn't know what it's missing! A lot of people would of enjoyed your cakes & pies...and we probably would of visited each weekend!

    Will you try again next year?! They should see all your artwork, and taste the products before they say no!

    1. Thanks Susy! I would have loved to see you guys at the market...and there were lots of others looking forward to seeing me there! They said that they already have enough pies and they didn't need mine! I'm not sure if I'll try again next year. I've been accepted to the Deep River market...looking forward to new customers!

  2. Wow...Carp market has NO idea what they are missing out on!

    1. Thanks Julie...I was looking forward to Carp but it wasn't meant to be! I'm going to head the other way....up to Deep River!


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