Monday, 11 April 2016


The anticipation for it is killing us all.


And it happens every. single. year.

It's all we talk about.

It consumes us.


The need to feel warm.

When you go outside.


Where are you?'s not even odd for us to have snow in April.

And yes....the ground is white again this morning.

But it's just so annoying. 

Snow in April.

I don't even take pictures of it.....I just want it to go away.  Far. far. away.

The kids had a snow day last Thursday and then a PA day on they were home for 4 days...and then we thought that today was going to be another snowday.  But it wasn't.  They ran those busses even with snow and a freezing rain warning.

I've been caking.

And making homemade soup.

But we'll soon get the bbq back out......I hope.

Waiting for warmth.....


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