Thursday, 8 November 2012


When Terry and I were first married I asked him about getting some sheep.  He said, "NO."  He told me that they would ruin the fences and they would be impossible to keep in.

Then I was busy having babies and I had enough to do without asking about the sheep again.

But then Jack started asking about sheep.  He really wanted to have some sheep.  I never really got involved in the conversations.  I thought it was a lost cause.

Then it was August 2009.  It was about a month after I had given birth to Lydia.  We were out of milk.  I called Terry on his cell and asked him to pick up some milk on his way home.  He said, "NO.  I need to get straight home, right away."

I thought...what is wrong with that man?  I just gave birth to our 5th child and he can't stop and get a bag of milk?  He knows I can't function in this house without milk.

Then I thought...oh no, something terrible has happened and he has to come home and tell me.  He can't tell me over the phone.

But he sounded happy on the phone.

Then I thought...he's got something in that truck.  He needs to get home right quick to get it out.

I waited and then I saw him come flying in the lane way and sure enough he backed the truck right up to the horse stable.

I hollered to the kids to go and see what Dad had brought home.

And I thought...good grief, that better not be a pig.

Not that I have anything against pigs.  It's just that I had raised them before and I just wasn't up to looking after a pig.

Then the excitement.  It was a lamb.  It was our beautiful Rosie.  Our lives changed that day.  Terry decided that sheep would be okay.

We had her for over a year before we had her bred.  In the spring of 2011 she had 'Ronnie' and then this past spring she had twins, "Patrick and Patricia."

The children had so much fun with the lambs.  They would get out and jump all over the lawn.  It was a joy to watch them jump and play.

Johanna, Grady and Jack joined the 4-H Sheep Club and they have all shown lambs at the fairs.  The washing, grooming and training were all so rewarding.  We have made many 'sheep friends'....and they have taught us so much.

As for Jack, he just kept at him...asking for more sheep.....and for some reason Terry just can't say 'NO'!

We now have 14 ewes and a ram....much to Jack's delight!  It will be quite a place here when they all start to lamb....many sleepless nights!  But I'm looking forward to it.  It's so amazing to help/watch animals give birth.  New life is just so beautiful.


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