Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Kite

We went to the Renfrew County Ploughing Match back in September.  We got there early.  We were actually the first ones there.  It was still dark.  It was 6:00am.  The kids needed to get there early because they were in the 4-H Ploughing Club and they were serving breakfast.  It was a fundraiser for their club. 

While they were setting up for the breakfast and I was setting up to sell my "Cake in a Jar" this man was flying kites in the dark.  The kites were incredible.  They were huge and they had lights in them.  I had never seen anything like it.

I got talking to him later on in the morning.  He told me that he saw people flying these kites in China and he just thought they were amazing.  He tracked down the manufacturer and now has the rights to sell them here in Canada.

He had all kinds of kites.  There were some in shapes of birds and some with lights and some without.  I asked him about flying kites in the winter time and he said that it's the best time of year.  A kite with lights will get you out of the house on all those dark evenings. I knew I wanted a kite.  I just couldn't decide which one.  I had told him that I would be back and I kept thinking about those kites.

Johanna and Grady were ploughing that day and being judged.  It was all very official.

I was in a tent selling 'Cake in a Jar'.  I would run out and check on them and then go back to my table.

Then Grady came in the tent with this big long thing in a case.  He said that he won a kite from the kite guy.  I was so excited! 

The kite guy generously donated 3 kites to the 4-H Plough Club.  The leaders decided that the top 3 ploughers would win the kites....and Grady won!

When we got home we all went out to the field and flew the kite.  I don't know what it's made of but it's the easiest kite to fly EVER.  It's really big and really light.

There were some really beautiful, sunny days last week and we took the kite out a couple of times.


Of course, everything turns into an experiment around here....how many thing can we attach to the kite?

Here is barbie going for a ride.  I don't recommend you do this.

My Mother is crazy about kites.  I'm hoping to get her one with lights for Christmas.  I can just see her and the grandchildren out in the field flying her kite on Christmas night.

The kite guy is Todd Fletcher of Nite Sky Kites.  He said he lives near Haley's Station.  His cell is 1.613.433.1257 and his email is tjfletcher@me.com



  1. I'm so glad you shared his info! We got a great little kite from Lee Valley and took it out for the first time last week. Such a timeless, tech-free joy for children AND adults! I love the image of your mom out on Christmas night...pray for wind!

    1. Thanks for the comment Stephanie! We just love this kite so much. I really didn't think that Barbie would be able to fly. I thought she would be too heavy....but the kids proved me wrong! I will be praying for wind on Christmas night....I can't wait!


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