Friday, 9 November 2012

The mud room

It's been chilly the last couple of mornings.  We've had to break the ice on some of the troughs.  Jack mentioned that his toes were a little froze.  So were mine.

So we went into town yesterday to get some insulated rubbers.  Sophie and Lydia wanted a pair too but they don't make them in their size. 

Then I told the boys that I needed to pick up a few groceries.  I said that it would only take a minute.  They groaned.  I could do groceries with my eyes shut...I know that store inside out.  Then I walked into the store....everything had changed.  They moved it all.  It wasn't going to be a minute.  To make it even more complicated I hadn't bothered to make a list.  But oh well, I love a challenge.  We got it done.  And we bought lots of popsicles to make everyone happy.

Now that we've added the insulated rubbers to the mud room, there is no room.  There's just too many things in there.  We've got rubbers, work boots, running shoes, some winter boots and insulated rubbers.  It needs to be organized.  It's total chaos.  It's a moment when you hope a visitor doesn't come to the back door.  It's my job for today....or maybe the weekend.

And why is it called a 'mud room'?  That's NOT mud....


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