Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Party for Dalton

So, yesterday I posted on making the cake for Dalton's 65th Party.

I must post a little about the party.

I had picked up one of those trophies at the dollar store in town.  I figured I could make some sort of table decoration/gift out of it.  Terry thought I was crazy when I showed him the trophy.  He said not to give him that.  But he didn't know that I was going to transform that plain trophy into this.....

I filled it with some hay from the barn and added a big '65'.

The party was a traditional Ottawa Valley House Party.

There was music.....reels and jigs, waltzes and polkas.  You could request anything and they would play it.

There was dancing....step dancing.

There was food.....way too much food.

There were beans.  We needed warm beans on a cold November night.

There were these squares.  They were 'out of this world' amazing.  The kind of squares that you can taste the butter.  I ate many....too many.

We sang to him and had the chocolate cake...with ice cream.

Some people laughed harder than others.  Some people wiped the tears as they laughed.  I have pictures but I better not post them.

The kids played spoons in the living room.  The game was fast and very lively.  Their shrieks could some times be heard in the kitchen....and it was loud in the kitchen.

It was a good time.


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