Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Walking the cows home

Two cows got out the other day.  They went over to the neighbours field to hang out with his sheep, ponies and donkey.
Yesterday afternoon, Grady and Jack decided that they should get a pail of grain and just walk them back home....down the road.  I thought it was a good idea.
I decided to stay back a bit with the van....keep an eye on the traffic.  Sometimes this road can have traffic.
Then Jack starts waving at me....I thought maybe there actually was another vehicle behind me.  But there wasn't.
He was telling me to go ahead and pass them.  I said that I was better to stay back here and keep an eye on all this traffic.
But he insisted, so I drove closer.  He suggested that I go on ahead and start the chores....feed the sheep and the hens.  So I drove past them...I figured that they would be able to handle all the traffic.
They seem to have taken their time.  I had most of the chores finished by the time they arrived.  Smart boys.......very smart boys.

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