Monday, 5 November 2012

A Cake for a Farmer

One of our neighbours is having a birthday.  He's turning 65.  That means 'cash for life'.  That deserves a celebration.

He's a farmer.  He's always been a bachelor.  My kids love him....he always has lots of wise farming advice for them.  He's actually my mother's cousin.  His name is Dalton.

So we figured that we should have a party for him.  We invited about 40 people.  All the ladies were going to bring some food.  I was going to make the cake and some beans.  His sister offered to buy a cake but I said that I wouldn't go to any fuss.  Sophie wanted to put some cows on the cake so I thought I'd just keep it simple.

Usually I bake one big cake but because there was going to be so many people I decided to make two.  I made two double chocolate cakes and stacked them on top of each that was really four regular size cakes.  It was bigger than I expected.

Then I raided the toy box and I became overcome with creativity.

After icing it first with white cover all the crumbs, I then covered it with a green buttercream and smoothed it out.  Over this I made swirls all over....this was to be the grass for the cows.

Then I added a fence all around the sides.  I put some grass along the bottom of the fence posts and put a few pink flowers to add some colour.  I wrote on the cake with the same buttercream as I had used for the fence.

These two little men just cracked me up when I found them.  Dalton is the one in the straw hat and he is having a few choice words with the 'other guy' who just dumped a wheel barrow full of manure.

This calf did what cows do....

And here is the finished cake.

Then we had to move it over to the Farmhouse.  Terry had to get a board to put under the cake.  It was really heavy and it took the two of us to move it.  I only stuck my finger in it once.  We were ready for a party.



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