Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Piece of Strawberry Gum

Lydia LOVES strawberry gum.  It just so happened that there was only one piece left in the cupboard.  Grady had got it out and put it in his mouth when Lydia asked for a piece.  He looked for a second package and found none.  He offered her another flavour and she said "NO".  She wanted a piece of strawberry gum.  So Grady confessed to her that the last piece was in his mouth.  She said that she wanted it.  He asked me what to do....and I simply said to give it to her.  I wasn't up for listening to a tantrum...and Grady really didn't care what kind of gum he chewed.  So she got the gum.

Then she decided to go outside and play with the rest.  I dressed her in the full winter gear...snowsuit, boots, mitts, hat (with pompoms that hang off it around her shoulders).  We were outside when she was standing off by herself.  Her neck cranked to the side...it looked like she was trying to lick her shoulder.  Johanna and I were asking her what was wrong.  She wouldn't answer.  She wouldn't move to face us...she just kept licking her shoulder.  Then Johanna said something about 'gum'.  I was thinking....oh no, the gum has come out of her mouth and it's lodged in the pompom.  Johanna ran to her and the next thing I knew everything was fine again.  Johanna was in stitches laughing.  She told me that the gum was sitting on her shoulder and she was trying to get it back into her mouth.  She got it in before it hit the ground.  Of course she couldn't use her hands because she had mittens on.

We all laughed...and Lydia happily continued to chew her strawberry gum.


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