Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hen in the van

It was one of those mornings.  Get moving...get Johanna to the bus stop....get the morning chores done.  The kids had all piled into the van...I wasn't paying attention.  Then we were driving down the road and something was said.  I can't remember what but I knew that there was possibly a live animal in the van.  Finally someone told me that yes, Jack had a hen on his lap.  I couldn't see his lap...he was in the back seat of the van.  I thought they were joking.  But his grin gave it away.  I couldn't believe it.  Those hens aren't that tame.  He had decided that this particular hen had to be moved to the 'other farm'.  We have hens here and hens there.  But we always put the hens in box when we drive with them.  This was crazy.

Then it happened again.  Yesterday morning I get into the van and the big grey rooster is sitting on the floor on the passenger side at Grady's feet.  I asked him to put it in a box but he said that he couldn't find one.  "Just drive, Mom. He'll be fine."

Yes....but will I be fine?


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