Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hands or Pants?

It was a rainy, cold, Sunday afternoon.  Terry and the boys were heading up to Ruby with some hay for the cattle still out on pasture.  I suggested to the girls that we take a drive and visit my Grandma in 'the home'....she is now 90 years old.

Sophie, my 5 year old daughter, said that she was hungry so I made her a snack...peanut butter and jam on bread.  A few minutes later I headed upstairs to change my clothes.  Then I heard her coming up the stairs.....

I hollered "Sophie, are your hands clean?"

She said, "ummm, no."

I said, "Will you go and wash them please?"

She said, "Where?"

I said, "ummm, in the bathroom sink"...and I was thinking in my head that that was an odd question.

I proceeded to change and then I heard her feet in the hallway coming towards my door.

I said "Are you all ready to go?"  and I look up and saw that she had no pants on.  I was stunned.

"Where are your pants?"  I asked.

"I just washed them.  In the sink.  You told me too." 

"What??  Show me."  I said.  We headed to the bathroom.  I saw water on the counter, on the floor and then the pants hanging on the towel bar.

And I started to laugh.  I was thinking...this dear sweet girl is so good to listen to me.

I told her that there had been a big misunderstanding.....she was suppose to wash her HANDS not her PANTS.  And then she laughed.  And then we got her some dry, clean pants and went for our visit to Grandma's.


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  1. What I love best about having a blog is that it's a journal of these ridiculous moments that we'd likely forget in the face of our busy days with 3+ children! This is SO cute...especially because she didn't argue!


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