Friday, 19 April 2013


Spring has finally arrived!

The fields are full of geese and wild turkeys.  I've seen deer and blue jays and robins.

This flock was right over my head and this was the photo I managed to take.  My photography skills are simply amazing.

Something has been making a home under the hen house.....most likely a ground least I hope that's what it is!

The pastures are beginning to turn green but they aren't ready for the horses and cattle yet.  The horses probably can't wait to get out and run through the field.  Although, I will miss the morning visit.

We have moved some hens back to the 'Farmhouse' property for the guests.  They spent the winter months in a warmer log barn.


These girls have been naughty and they have been pecking and eating their eggs.  We fixed that problem by putting some golf balls in the nest.  Peck that.

Hello sweet rhubarb!  I see you!  Sophie has already asked for a cake and I'm looking forward to the keep on growing!

The ducks have returned to the pond too.  I tried to take some photos but I didn't have much luck.  As Sophie said, "Those ducks just have too much moveness."  Hard to take pictures when you can't get very close and the subject never stops moving.

I've also been watching a 'family' of ducks fly around the field.  It must be a mother, father and baby.  I haven't managed to get any pictures but it's so beautiful to watch.

Happy Spring!


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