Tuesday, 2 April 2013

No Foolin'

Yesterday was April Fools' Day.

Jack told his cousin that the Easter bunny came again.  He believed him.  Jack told him that it wasn't actually true....about 8 hours later....no foolin'.

I spent the entire day....12 hours of it...getting all the 'books' ready for the accountant for the income tax.  My mom had the kids over for the afternoon.  The best part of my day was when Terry came through the door with another bag of receipts....no foolin'.

It snowed a little bit yesterday....no foolin'.

It snowed last night...just enough to make a skift on the ground.  It's melted now but it's windy and freezing cold.....no foolin'.

I was just about to come in the house this morning after doing the chores when the boys announced that there was a newborn calf in the back corner of the barnyard.  It was cold....freezing cold.  Grady put a skid pallet on the forks of the tractor and we brought it down to the house.  I dried it off with my handy hair dryer and got it warmed up. 

Then I tried to feed it a bottle but it wouldn't suck so I tubed it.  Once it got the warm milk in it's belly it really warmed up.  It looks good now.....it's sitting up right...not laying out flat.

We saved it's life....no foolin'.

And it's still in the house.

While I was working with the calf, the girls found their Barbie make up that they got at Christmas and covered their faces with it.

Jack decided that it's too cold for the wee twin lamb to be outside.

So, it's in the mud room too.....no foolin'.

My house looks like a bomb went off in it....no foolin'.


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