Thursday, 25 April 2013

Little Stuffie Puppies

Remember the Stuffie Puppies?

Well, we got a big surprise on Sunday night.  We had been over at the other farm and luckily Johanna was home to accept a special gift for Sophie.  A generous lady from Douglas came to our house with a basket of little Stuffie Puppies.  This lady sometimes sits behind us during Mass and I think she has noticed the Stuffie Puppies in our pew.

Johanna left the basket by the door so we would see it as soon as we came in.  Sophie started screaming with excitement!

A whole basket of little stuffie puppies!

There was even a little black poodle named 'Frenchie'.

These puppies have been busy all week.....some went in the basket for a bike ride.

Some flew a kite.  See the stuffie puppies in Sophie's pockets?

They even watched a movie.

Sophie loves to draw, so I asked her to draw a picture as a 'thank you'.  I suggested that she draw a puppy.  This is what she drew....




  1. Love it, how nice of your neighbour. Sophie is an AMAZING artist!!!!!! Her drawing is gorgeous! Yeahhhhhh, so glad I can comment again :) I read every one

    1. Thanks Julie! I'm thinking that I'm going to have to make a blurb book out of Sophie's drawings. I have stacks and stacks of her drawings and I just can't throw them out! I need to do something with them. Thanks for reading and commenting....comments are so nice!


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