Thursday, 4 April 2013

Chilly and Chili

Last week we watched the snow melt.  The sun was beautiful.  We were able to get outside and walk in the puddles and throw stones in the pond.  It didn't rain like it usually does.

Most of the snow is gone now.  There are still some patches in the fields and the banks are smaller along the road.

This week, we are back to freezing cold temperatures and it's windy.  It's a strong March wind....only it's April.  We wrap up in snowsuits and hats and mittens to go outside to do the chores.

We headed into town yesterday.  The boys and I had dentist appointments.  Sophie and Lydia sat in the waiting room.  I remember when they would run back and forth from the waiting room to the room that I would be in getting my teeth cleaned.  I remember once when I couldn't get anyone to watch Sophie and I had to take her with me.  She was about 8 months old.  I actually got my teeth cleaned and she sat on my stomach.  That was an experience I will never forget.

After we were finished at the dentist we picked up some chocolate bunnies on clearance.  I will chop them up and put them in cookies or melt them for squares.

When we were away another calf was born.  It is doing well.

Last night when I was putting the girls to bed, Sophie asked me to name another word for 'cold'.  I suggested 'chilly' and she said that 'frozen' was a better word.  She said that the word that I had chosen was actually something you eat.

I was tired and confused and cold...and chilly.  I said, "What do you can eat chilly?".....and then it dawned on me....CHILI. 

Smart girl.

I hope it gets a little warmer....soon.

Because I'm chilly.


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