Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stuck in the Mud?

I took Grady over to the other farm to feed the year olds after supper tonight.  When I was leaving, I backed the van up, down the laneway and tried to turn onto the road.  But my back tire hit a bump...that I didn't remember being there.  I was stuck.  Grady got out to see how bad it was and he motioned for me to back I did.  I put the pedal to the metal and I got the back tire out...I was moving...still backing up.  Then I noticed Grady shaking his head, "NO".

And then the front tire went into the hole that the back tire had just come out of.  It just sunk.

I got out and had a look.  The tire was really deep in the mud.  The front of the van was nearly touching the ground.  AND the ground around me felt all squishy.  I panicked.  I told Grady that it was a sink hole and we were going to sink.

He went and got the tractor.  I jumped in and we went home.

I told Terry just how bad I was stuck.  He didn't look impressed.

Then I started washing the dishes and he left.  I figured he was gone to get the van unstuck.

He was gone for a long time....and I was feeling really bad....I was thinking about just how much trouble he was having getting that van out of the mud.

When he got home I asked him if he got it out.  He just looked at me and said, "Did you even try to get it out?"  I told him no because it was stuck so bad and the gas was below the empty line and I figured that if I started flooring it I would just run out of gas....and then I'd have two problems, not just one.....AND the ground is all sinking.

He said, "I just put it in drive and drove it out."

There were no problems.  The van is fine and the ground is not sinking.  The frost is coming out and that makes it squishy.  He was visiting a neighbour and that's what took so long.


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