Monday, 22 April 2013

Another Disappointment

It's not all farm babies and happiness.

It's work.

It's disappointments.

Today was one of those days.  I asked the boys if they just wanted to pack it in, move to town and buy all our food at the grocery store.  I was having a moment.  I was thinking that it would just be so much easier.

They didn't answer me.

And then they said...."Let's just order the meat birds at M & R Feeds.  We'll get rid of that rooster."

Jack  had put a select number of hens in with his pure bred rooster over a month ago.  He collected the eggs and kept them in a safe place.  Then he was ready.  He had 49 eggs. 

He put them in the incubator. 
He turned those eggs a few times a day.
He made sure the temperature and humidity was always right. 
He did this for 3 weeks.
He never forgot. 
He worked so hard.

These eggs were going to be our meat birds.  They were from dual purpose birds.  It's the type of bird that can lay eggs and yet be fattened to become a roasting bird.

The eggs were to hatch this past weekend.....but they didn't.  Nothing happened.

So, this morning he cracked one open and he was disappointed.  The egg had not been fertilized.  He cracked more open and they were all the same.

We won't be getting rid of the rooster.  I think he is just a little too young....he's not even a year old.

I think we were asking too much of that rooster.


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