Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Stuffie Puppies

Sophie has been obsessed with puppies for over a year now.  Real ones are the best but she has learned to be satisfied with the stuffie kind.  It started with Belle.

Belle would come everywhere with town, to Mass, to Grandma's....anywhere.  And that was fine.  She treated Belle as if she was a real dog.

Then she convinced a friend of ours to buy her a pet carrier.  Yes...we have a pet carrier for stuffies.

She received a stuffie puppy for her birthday and she won another one at the fair.  Anytime she received money from someone, it would be spent to buy another puppy stuffie.  And so....the collection has grown.  She now has many stuffie puppies.

I thought it would all wear off, especially when we got her an actual real puppy last summer.  But she still loves her stuffies.

She watched the movie 'Air Buddies' a couple of weeks ago.  It's a movie about talking puppies that play soccer.  She was 'over the moon' excited.  Her puppies needed uniforms.  They needed to play soccer.

So, I dug through the scrap/rag bag and made these...

I sewed on the felt numbers and she stuck heart stickers onto them.

She even convinced me to sew a felt number 7 onto the back of a shirt for her.

Now we have two soccer teams of stuffie puppies.

And a very happy little girl.


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